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Bad Sneakers is my favorite tune. Or Cousin Dupree.
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^That's it! No other idea will even come close to that one. Joetime get's a pizza!
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Bad Sneakers is my favorite tune. Or Cousin Dupree.

Aja, anyone?

I also really like Babylon Sisters.
Great group. We played "Deacon Blues" in my jazz band last year, which is probably my favorite Steely Dan song, if only because I'm an Alabama fan.
I think I'm in love.... WITH STEELY DAN! Just listened to Aja for the first time. Renting Aja from the library has to be one the 10 best decisions in my whole life.
OMAGAWD! Steely dan in two days at the NIA arena in birmingham! Can't wait! going with my dad and his best mate.
The Royal Scam was the first thing i heard from them to actually get me listening to them more. Kid Charlemagne vocals killed me!
'Music is the best"
I seen steely dan live! They were great, but they changed reelin' in the years, which didn't sound good Other than that it was great!
Bump for a truly brilliant band, I have Aja, Can't Buy a Thrill and The Royal Scam on mp3, and Pretzel Logic on vinyl.

My favourite songs are probably Rikki Don't Lose That Number, Josie, Peg and The Caves of Altamira
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It's a terrific thing... Found them on souncloud. A London band doffing their cap to Mr Fagen & Becker. Anyone know if there is an album? Or anyone seen them live?