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Glad it worked, that's good information to have.

OTOH, it appears you graduated from the "The bigger the glob, the better the job" school of soldering...
“Ignorance more frequently begets confidence than does knowledge.”
Charles Darwin
^^^I cleaned that up with a solder braid after taking the pic, so no, I don't really subscribe to that philosophy. It was a pretty tiny area in which to solder, so I tinned the capacitor's leads with a bit of extra solder so I wouldn't have to add solder when making the initial attachment. Also, that "glob" on the right is not solder at all -- it is a band of metal (it looks like solder due to my crappy photography) Anyway, it's a "prettier" joint now.

And I'm sorry about the crappy pictures -- I have a cheap phone. You can still get the gist of it though, no?
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