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Hi. A friend and I are covering the timeless "Welcome Home" by Radical Face

We are working on the track, with them doing to the vocals, but I am putting together the instrumental parts.
Because my audio recording equipment is VERY sub-par, I'm looking for someone to record some very loosely strummed acoustic guitar chords of the chorus to the song.

I'd be looking for about 5 different tracks, each perhaps with slightly different rhythm, so I can pan them and thicken the sound a bit.
If anyone would be interested in doing this not too difficult bit of recording, please let me know in this thread
Looking for a vocalist for Metal song:
- Need someone to lay down a vocal track
- Here's my music page for you to check out the kind of music I make:
here is one of my vader cover.
one of my marduk's

theses are the two last cover i did

- Send me a PM with some examples of your music and we'll sort out the music and we can talk more
Hi guys i need one songs make on program ultimateguitarpro: R.E.M Until the day is done
is very beautiful song
Could you guys check out my YouTube channel? My friend and I are gonna cover songs every Friday and add a little twist of interest and comedy in the videos. Feedback is greatly appreciated. Keep on rocking.
Hello all, I am working on a cover of Pink Floyd's Comfortably Numb. The backing track is almost finished but it's in desperate need of a sparkly acoustic guitar.

I think it's a bit of a long shot to ask this, but is there anyone here with a decent recording mic who would be kind enough to tune their acoustic guitars to Nashville tuning and provide the acoustic guitar track for this? I'd need it double tracked for the choruses and first solo, single tracked for the 2nd verse, and double tracked through the second solo to the end, more or less like the original studio recording.

Here is the unfinished track.
The mix may be a bit too quite right now but that's because I have yet to adjust the levels.
Anyone up for covering various rock songs? Thinking AC/DC et all, easy but fun stuff to, bass, drums, vocals...kazoo all welcome
Anyone like Metalcore that would like to do a cover sometime? I know the following: Losing Sight, Within Destruction, Through Struggle, Separation, 94 Hours, and Darkest Nights by As I Lay Dying. Then: End of Heartache, For You, Eye of the Storm, and My Curse by Kilswitch Engage. And also: Tears Don't Fall, Your Betrayal, and All These Things I Hate by Bullet for my Valentine. Deify and Stricken by Disturbed. Laid to Rest by Lamb of God and I guess I'd be willing to do Last Resort by Papa Roach. Anythin to kill time. Well anyone interested in doing any of those or interested in starting a new project just send me a message and lets get to work.
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I am looking for somebody who is interested in making some metal/metalcore/rock covers of popular songs. It would be nice if the partner was familiar with some 'drum machines' so that we could make some stuff together. If you're a becomes a lot easier) I there are some willing people. I am interested in creating a online guitar project which would make a lot of popular cover

For further information please contact me via PM message.
Hi! im looking for people to do a full band virtual cover of any rock song, i like bands like gnr, acdc, led zeppelin, pearl jam, pink floyd.... but i love most of classic rock songs.
Any collab pm me. Looking for some drums, guitar, bass, vocals (i play guitar, bass).
Here i post my last cover:

AC/DC - Back in Black - Full guitar cover HD
Quote by rokanrol
Hi! im looking for people to do a full band virtual cover of any rock song, i like bands like gnr, acdc, led zeppelin, pearl jam, pink floyd.... but i love most of classic rock songs.
Any collab pm me. Looking for some drums, guitar, bass, vocals (i play guitar, bass).
Here i post my last cover:

AC/DC - Back in Black - Full guitar cover HD

I'm game for something along those lines if you need a bassist?
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Hi everyone. Here is our cover of Arthur James - Recovery. We added some jazz chords and interlude (we are both studying Jazz). It's a slower live version. If you'd like to have chords or other info pm. me. Every comment and suggestion is welcome!

Here it is:

new uzk.jpg
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I just do soft rock acoustic songs, however we need another on ovocals. Some examples
With or without you- U 2
Wherever you will go- the calling
Iris- Goo goo dolls
Heres a cover of Ed Sheerans "I See Fire" that we have on youtube, will give you an idea about our band, thanks
Hi, I am an experienced vocalist and a guitarist in need of a rhythm section/producer (drums, bass, samples etc.) to do some covers and form a youtube channel...

You can hear a few recordings of me on my channel but I would like to take it to another level..send me some of your work and I hope we make a collab

p.s. I never use/used any auto-tune or pitch correction or hard post production, so what you hear is as it was sung/played...

my propositions/wishes for cover are Kyuss - Green machine, Puddle of mudd - out of my head, 3 doors down - running out of days and more...

me noodlin:
metallica cover:
nirvana cover:
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hi...i'm searching for collaboration band members to play covers like ac/dc iron me tY
me playing
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Hello! this is my first post on this forum I just made a cover of an old favourite of mine from Final Fantasy 7.

Please Enjoy!

(Invalid img)

I'll answer any questions about the video aswell as of myself.
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I'd be willing to do vocals for a collab!
Hello, I'm just a beginner trying to get better at singing so here's a link to the covers I've posted so far. If you had some free time and could give me constructive criticism, helpful hate, song suggestions and whatever else you want to throw my way that would be really cool of you!
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Looking for someone interested in colab'ing any of the following:
-Avett Brothers
-King of Leon
-Milk Carton Kids
-Garth Brooks

^ FYI, if you see anyone on this list, song choice can be literally ANYTHING as these are some of my deep tracks artist, I know virtually all of their music (or can learn it in no time)

Check out my Soundcloud:

(FYI I did not drum on any of these...)
I know this is perhaps a long shot, but does anyone want to collaborate in the sense of just jamming over blues and/or basic jazz progressions?

I ask because I'm a beginner sort of bluesy/jazzy/jammy player, perhaps verging on 'advanced beginner' I'd say (but certainly not quite intermediate), looking to further advance my chops and find a social outlet involving playing some music, versus playing in a solitary setting all the time. My preferred (and really only) approach, however, is playing blues progressions and then jamming over them. I'm not just talking about the standard I-IV-V 12 bar blues. I know 13th chords and some aug/aug7 chord and dim/dim7 chords, too, among other chords that can be features in a jazz blues. I also loosely know a few jazz standards, and a few funk-jazz pieces.

I was wondering if anyone else has an interest in this sort of thing? Ultimately, whether you're more intermediate or advanced and would help me advance as a player, or whether you're beginner, I'm not picky whatsoever, so long as we share the common interest in jamming the blues.

Here are a few examples of my SoundCloud recordings to sort of illustrate what I'm referring to, but if you click through to the rest of the SoundCloud profile itself, keep in mind that most if not all of what I have up there is either too old to illustrate my current playing style or ability, or more along the lines of being experimental/"avant-garde"/"manic-creative" than even remotely akin to "music". The same is true on my YouTube channel. If associating with my rather "eccentric" artistic persona is a concern, if I got any takers for this concept and the results of the collaborations were good, I could always create separate YouTube and/or SC accounts to share them.

Anyway, here's a jazzy blues progression I recorded a while ago and jammed over:

Here's a basic blues shuffle in A:

Finally, here's me improvising or jamming one of the standards I know, "Blue Bossa", with a backing track (this is an old take):

I realize that looking for people to merely jam over chord progressions isn't necessarily really what tends to interest most guitarist and what I'm asking is sort of a long shot, especially if asking to pair actual players with an inexperienced noodle player such as myself. However, I figure that it couldn't hurt to ask.
Hey Guys!

I have just set up a brand new Youtube channel dedicated to providing backing tracks for guitarists and musicians to play along with.
I will be uploading daily so make sure to go on over to the channel and subscribe so you don't miss out on any content.
I will also be taking requests on video comments or direct messages.

Thanks for checking us out.

Simply Backing Tracks
Hey guys.Looking for a vocalist for You Give Love a Bad Name-Bon Jovi (yeah its kind of a tough one i think buut anyway:P) and some drumming and bass for Paranoid-Black Sabbath.Anyone up for any of it? PM me here and i'll send you my email and guitar parts/backing tracks i've made
mgiosa729 Sounds great! If you have an iPhone/iPad, I made an app called UnCovered just for this sort of thing. It's free on the app store, user name is reid421, send me a message in the app and I'd love to collaborate! Here's the download link.
reid421 Also same goes for anyone else out there who wants to collab, send me a message in the app (username Reid421)! Here's the download link: Sharing a few songs I've collaborated on with friends, recorded mostly just using an iPhone and headphones, although recently added IAA functionality, meaning you can record using a direct input (check out "Free Fallin" as a demo).

Fix You - Coldplay (
Free Fallin - John Mayer (Still need vocals!!) (
The Zephyr Song - RHCP (
Reptilia - The Strokes (
Young Folks - Peter Bjorn & John (
California Dreamin - The Mamas & The Papas (