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Quote by r-bizzle182
If you want some challenging finger-picked songs, look up the band This Town Needs Guns.

they're incredible.
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some of my favourite songs:

another you by cromok
the gift by cromok
the resurrection by orphaned land
hey bud,here in south GA,all these country bumpkins around here fingerpick,its like a standard for playing,if you want to get good i suggest subscribeing to "fingerstyle" magazine,i believe chet atkins puts that one (one of the most techniqule and advanced fingerstyle players ther are next to jerry reed)
as for easy songs,heres a simple one
black sabbath - orchid
and sense people are naming songs that has lyrics heres another
red hot chili peppers - road trippin
much better then under the bridge.just play,unlike shredding,fingerstyle is more chops oriented and not theory (that is,unless you want to compose your own)
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Eric Johnson - A Song For Life is a very good and amazing song. There are very good thoughts covers for life. I like all lines of this song. There are so many true things about life.
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Bella by Angus and Julia Stone! Not too hard and ****ing beautiful.

Ver 2 is mine, check it out ALFIOOOOOOOOOOO!
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Here are a few on the top of my head:

Fleetwood Mac- Land Slide
Daniel Merriweather - Red
Kansas - dust in the wind
Led Zeppelin - Stairway to Heaven
Metalica - Nothing Else Matters
Jose Gonzalez - Heartbeats

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the song actually is playing using 4 guitar (according to Karl Cromok said) but you can choose or combine the riffing of the song ....nice fingerpicking sense Malay sound culture... very feeling song...also the electric guitar solos part....
Karl Cromok performing this song live in this year 2011...he playing a combination riffng.
But the song is more feeling using a classical + acoustic guitar except the solo part....
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Street Spirit by Radiohead is played with a pick/electric, but somehow it just sounds right in my head if it was fingerpicked.
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Quote by CapitaineGuitar
More than Words - Extreme
its a nice song. bound to get u a girl...

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A chord/melody version of Greensleevees.
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Yes- Starship Trooper, the acoustic finger picking section on that one is insane, very good stuff
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blackbird by the beatles.

listen to it first (try to ignore the singing) and you'l probably find it simple and loovleh.
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Quote by allthatfails
Your Revolution is a Joke - Funeral for a Friend

maybe the best acoustic song ever?!

seriously though, it's epic

I agree undoubtedly sir!
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Stairway to Heaven- Led Zeppelin
Cant You See- Marshall Tucker Band
Blackbird- The Beatles
Dust in the Wind- Kansas
Blue Eyes Crying in the Rain- Willie Nelson
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Personally I really enjoy You ****n Did it by JAson Mraz, although it has odd lyrics the guitar part is pretty kick-ass.
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My 2 favorite finger-picking songs:

Big Love - Fleetwood Mac
Dust in the Wind - Kansas
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Two of my favorite fingerpicking songs include

Blackbird- The Beatles
Nothing Else Matters- Metallica

Here Without You by Three Doors Down is quite easy, but if you have a spare 20 minutes and want to learn something easy I'd recommend it