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I was stoned last night and listened to them... holy jesus, that was a better experience then Tool, and that says a LOT...
Mountain of mars has to be my favorite, but I wish the track went on forever.
I also like to listen to them while I paint
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Oh, ok then.

It's exactly like Witchcult Today, but a little more repeaty of shit they've already played. Same with Legalize Drugs and Murder. Witchcult Today was their new sound, and it was great, but they've milked it too long now and it's getting stale. Gotta go back to experimenting a little more again.
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Someone should get them into amphetemines or something. A faster EW album would be great, I'm thinking Discharge meets Hendrix.
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New album has Greening on it, though he's out of the band again, damn shame he's a ****in' thunderous drummer. Supposed to rival Dopethrone in heaviness. I'm very hesitant to believe that but excited for the new album none the less.
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All hail the Wiz. Looking forward to hearing this.
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I'll logic you right in the thyroid.

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New album opinions? Main complaint I've heard about the new album is the drum sound. I don't really see an issue with it.
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I dig Time to Die. The entire thing is dark and dense and murky. The drums and lead guitar often sit low in the mix and Jus’ vocals are often prominent, which is atypical for Wizard, but it all comes together well. It was worth the $9.49 I paid for it on Amazon.
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im pretty excited for it, i think it will be cool

lol i didnt listen to it and probably never will