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I liked PTE cause its free and there is a lot of songs in ptb... but when I needed to print a single instrument lane (or track, idk its name, I'm russian) from multi-instrument tab, I failed. Maybe I just didnt find the right option, whatever. Hence, I use GP in most non-classic songs.
your artice is fine ,thinks!

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I've used both programs in the past but I don't care to use them anymore. I tab everything by hand nowadays and don't have any use for them.

Currently, I try and avoid tabs that require programs.
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i prefer Guitar Pro 6.. works really good for my needs
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Way back i used Powertab as they had more strict rules\quality control on tabs vs guitar pro, but then the power tab site shut down when there was the copyright\tab incident (mysongbook also closed down) used guitar pro ever since then.
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GP6 just crushes everything else, nothing is close. Sure, you might not like to tab drums there but the end result in a good gpx blows away the rest. Powertab has been dead for quite some time, the player doesn't even exist anymore so you can't slow down playback. If anything, everyone who doesn't want to get GP should get Tux as it's the best GP alternative (although tux is dead as well)
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Thanks for the info. Good Post. I personally use GP6. Love it Just wish it was more realistic sound. Love the auto scrolling.
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GP5 is all I need and all GP5 needs is me

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Awesome post thinks. I want to add my little bit in here. I'm using TuxGuitar, which creates Guitar Pro 3-5 tab, and it's free, however, I'm going to give GP6 a shot because TuxGuitar, although not sure if out of date, appears to be no longer supported (it's site is non-existent even though you can still download it from other download sources).
Anyone got any tips on how I can 'refine' the sound I get when I transcribe a song to Guitar Pro, making it as realistic and nice-sounding as possible (and avoid 'fuzzyness'?) Maybe some settings I need to change on the Master Controls or separate amplifiers/effects (ain't exactly a sound engineer)?

Also, any 'instrument-naming-policies'? Should I just leave them how the program names them (e.g. 'Electric Guitar', 'Drumkit',...), or should I use the member names playing them? Or is this something entirely up to myself? Just trying to be as efficient and clear as possible =3
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Please, i need help.
Is there a version of Guitar Pro for Mac without Intel Processor?
My Mac is an OS X 10.5.8 PowerPC G5

The sheer number of tabs alone makes Guitar Pro the better option, although admittedly it's more expensive. I'd say there's 5-10x as many guitar pro tabs out there compared to Powertab. Not all are correct of course, but then neither are Powertab tabs.

It's not like you can't use both though. Occasionally you might find a Powertab that is better than the guitar pro version of that song.
Guitar Pro gives you all the tools you need to learn songs quickly and accurately. With Guitar Pro you can take a transcription and use the many playback options to drop all the tracks out except for the one you want to learn.

You can loop portions of that track, slow it down, and enable the metronome until you have got it. Then you can turn your playback inside out, dropping out only the guitar part you learned and bringing all the other tracks back so you can use Guitar Pro as a backing track.

Power Tab simply cannot keep up with those features.
I'm sure I'm way behind the times, but can anyone explain to me why almost all powertab is removed?
Sorry guys but I have TablEdit, Guitar-Pro 3, 4 5 and 6, Power-Tab, Tux Guitar, MusEdit and a few other things - all legit, all bought (where necessary) and I have tried/used them all. However, for me, TablEdit wins out EVERY time and is my choice to go to when I need to generate a new tab.

Granted I play acoustic Guitar, Banjo and Ukulele and not electric. It would appear that Guitar-Pro is mainly used by electric guitar players and TablEdit by mainly acoustic instrument players.

TefView for Android devices is now out of Beta testing (as at 15th November 2014) and is available for FREE from the Google Play Store.

This file player will display tabs from TablEdit files (.tef), from Guitar Pro 3, 4 and 5 and from Power-Tab. It will also import Tabrite, midi, musicXML and text (ASCII) tab files.

A pretty good product and one I can see me using a lot - certainly saves carrying around lots of printed tabs.



I love GuitarPro. I haven't used anything other then that and the premium tab service here on the forums. But Ive been 100% satisfied with GuitarPro!
The one thing I will say about PT is it had the most gorgeous built-in vibrato. Like, if it were possible to perfectly emulate on guitar I totally would, but iirc it was volume as well as pitch modulation involved, which is more or less impossible without an effect pedal.
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