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13/4 puts the accent on the next note every bar, so that's pretty weird
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Quote by MaggaraMarine
The riff in the end of No More Tears by Ozzy Osbourne also adds an extra beat (it's the same riff as in the chorus of the song but just with an added extra beat). It sounds cool there. But overusing it starts to sound like a cliche. Using this kind of stuff always sounds good if used reasonably. Then it sounds more surprising and cool to the listener. But if the whole song is that rhythm (OK, it may also sound cool) or you have many songs that all use the same idea, it starts to sound like a cliche and a bit forced. So be careful with it. Many times things sound the best when the listener can't expect them.
Yeah, it can. I tend to write minimal repetitive stuff and it generally caters well to that but yeah you hear it in proggy stuff a lot. A lot of math rock bands do it before each chorus or something and that can word a bit better. I'll check that song out though. How are his last few albums?
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Pretty old, yeah. I still think it's worth a few more good laughs. How about this:

My favorite time signature is


That's some artistic, boundary-pushing music right there.
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Holy shit, dat necro.


My favorite odd time sigs are still 5/8 and 7/8. I prefer to stay away from overly complex time sigs, and rather, write polymetric/polyrhythmic stuff. And throw in some weird tuplet groupings for good measure.

EDIT: Well, that's sort of a lie, I recently wrote something that alternates between 15/16, 4/4 and 7/8 in a pretty short amount of time.
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This thread is so old that I am receiving emails about it. Nah I probably just have to uncheck something in my profile.

meow :3
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