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Listening to some kind of cadwallader all the way through is magical.
It seems like they really have broken up but the band still haven't said anything themselves saying whether they're still together or not.

Word is though that all the dudes in the band will be going into some other awesome projects and something awesome apparently also happened to Tank so i'm def. stoked for them but still bummed at the same time because Algernon is my favorite band.
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They're still on The Fest's website, if The Fest is their last show, I'll have to fly down

lol @ you thinking you can still get tickets for Fest.
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MIDI Magicalness!
It's sad they broke up (if they did). Good thing I never really cared that much about them I guess
They announced their soon-to-come breakup at their show in Philly the other night. They are probably one of the best bands i've ever seen live
I don't think anyone can expect bands like this to last. Between the samey-ness of playing this music nightly and the near impossibility of ever reaching a wider audience. It really sucks though, these guys were beautiful.
They are hands down the best band i've ever seen. They really just have the most fun shows lol
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Someone should do an internet tribute band to Algernon with me, but it'll be Star Wars-themed and called "Alderaan Cadwallader"
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