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I think that we should defintiley have more than the one judge. Also, should we have two categories? One for vocal, one for non-vocal/instrumental (comparing apples and oranges i think).
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Man, Powerhouse! - I just have to say that you have a really beautiful voice, sounds quite like the vocals in Pearl Jam.. Wish I could sing like that!

Great song aswell!

Comparing me to Eddie Vedder is the greatest compliment I've ever heard.

Thanks alot.
Quote by Powerhouse
Comparing me to Eddie Vedder is the greatest compliment I've ever heard.

Thanks alot.

I also really liked your voice, but I thought it was much better than Eddie Vedder's voice. I guess I've never really been a Vedder fan, but I like your voice a lot better anyways!
sorry i havnt updated in a while but tonight ill begin judging and i should have the results within the next couple of days for yall. we have 9 people who have their songs in so id say we've had a good turnout for the competition. good luck everyone!
Ok, so I listened to everyone's songs and decided the winners.

ovdojoy and dearjuliet tied and both are the

Wiiner of the Vocal Acoustic Contest

thats for your sig btw.

unplugged110 is the

Winner of the Non-Vocal Acoustic Contest

since there were enough entries with vocals and no vocals i divided it up. i graded every song on quality and guitar. singing voice and lyrics were also used in the vocal contest. everyone was graded on a scale of ten and thats how ovdojoy and dearjuliet tied. everyone did good and congragulations to the winners.

anyone got suggestions for another contest?
Yes, congratulations to all the winners!

and a big thanks to sumguy67 for putting this together!

...sad that I missed the deadline and this whole thing was my idea.

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