I might be on the market for a new 5-string bass and would have up to $600 to spend on one. Thus I am asking if there are any better basses than an Ibanez SR505 in that price range?
OK, let me rephrase my question. If you had around $600 to spend on a bass, which bass would you get?
If you could spare another $50, I would go with a Schecter Stiletto Elite 5 string. I have one, and there aren't words in the English language to accurately describe it. It's nothing short of amazing.
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I have one, and there aren't words in the English language to accurately describe it.
It's nothing short of amazing.

And I would go with a Yamaha RBX375 or Ibanez SR505.
i got my XB925 for 620. see BOTM for details. but if you want new, the force 5 by washburn
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ESP ltdF255 or B255 are very good LTD makes good quility stuff that will last forever and ever not to mention they sound amazeing you could probably find a 455 versions of those in the used/ebay market for that price too

also the SRX 505 is great it has higher output and i think it looks better and osunds a little better i.m.o
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What kind of tone do you want?
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Washburn Taurus 5-string. It's great.
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I highly recommend any Spetor models.

Spector Legend 5-String

The bass I have is discontinued, but I got it on sale at Guitar Center for $400 (originally $500)

I have one and I love it!

well, i'm gonna have it. Its a christmas present that I found, sneaked, and then played.
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One of my guitarists just picked up a Schecter custom 5 string. The fingerstyle tone was nothing to die for, but the slap tone was unbelievable. I could replicate Wooten's tone on any song.

I got my SR505 with a Spector Legend sitting right next to it. The SR505 has so much more growl than the spector, and a much wider tonal range. The neck is thinner and more comfortable.

The one thing that may make you want to consider the Schecter over the SR505 is the string spacing. When you first start off playing with a pick or slapping, the string spacing in the SR505 will seem EXTREMLEY tight and uncomfortable. Fingerstyle, the SR505 plays like a dream. Its just popping on any other string other than the G that gets tough.

Both great basses, but I strongly recommend the SR505. What style do you play?

BTW, I'm going to start posting in here again. WAHOOO!

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i have a hohner V bass. nothing too special, but it has some cool features, a jazz bass-like versatility, and great action for tapping and fingerstyle.

my only complaint is that its a 34" scale
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i've just ordered a RBX375 for under £200 (just under $400), tested it in Dawsons the other week - lovely tone and sound, great for rock and jazz. Light but so well made! Not to mension sexy as anything too!!!
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my only complaint is that its a 34" scale

Nothing wrong with 34" scale so long as you can keep tension on that low B.
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