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aw crap.

I was going to see them live in 2 weeks in Bangalore and now apparently they are not coming due to Visa issues.

This year they are finally the headliners at the 2nd Bangalore Open Air in July.

I really wanted to see them live but not sure I can make it this time
Some other good stuff like Sodom and Dark Tranquillity on the bill this time too (and stuff like Ihsahn, Leprous and Animals as Leaders which I have no intention of paying good money for)
Resurrection time.

The band is currently working on their followup to Dystopia, titled Plagues Of Babylon. Track list is as follows:

"Plagues of Babylon"
"Among The Living Dead"
"The Resistance"
"If I Could See You"

Release date is currently some time in October.
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I never thought I'd say this, but Bloody Piss sounds damn good.

The Iced Earth Thread
New album artwork revealed:

Actually looks pretty sweet if you ask me.

Updated track list here

And the release date has been pushed to January.
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Looks good, hopefully it will be a bit better than Dystopia (which wasn't bad but just didn't excite me too much)
The artwork looks awesome but I don't have very high hopes for it. It'll probably be along the lines of Dystopia; decent but nothing special.
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"Don't brutal your sister, Timmy!"

New song.

HELLEDIT: Ugh, this song drags on and is pretty boring. Hopefully the rest of the album isn't like this.
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"Don't brutal your sister, Timmy!"
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HELLEDIT: Ugh, this song drags on and is pretty boring. Hopefully the rest of the album isn't like this.

While I agree with this statement, it still sounds better than the glorious burden. Hats off to Stu Block. Thought it was Barlow for a minuet.
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Stu's doing an amazing job replicating Barlow, but on first listen the song in general isn't too impressive. I'll have to listen to it a few more times though
Who are you? The prince of darkness? Don't you have any friends?

That track reminded me of mid-tempo Persuader when they aren't ripping off Blind Guardian.

Eh, Iced Earth are way past their prime anyhow.
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Iced Earth being my favorite band, I hope this album has at least 5 good songs on it. Dystopia was a major disappointment in my eyes. After you hear the best, you expect the best from then on, anything less is a disappointment.
Iced Earth are not in my genre of choice but I still isten to them, that goes to say that they have something special.
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we just jammed out to tribute to the gods at Motiv8 skateshop.

edit - rhapsody now playing
Judas Priest ftw.

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One of my favourite bands, I love Plagues but it did trake me a while to get into it. Love Dystopia too. Stu in my oppinion is they're best singer, Never thought I would say that over Matt, but Stu's range is awesome.
Really cool guys, met them a few times now. I hope on the next tour they do the VIP again, that was an awesome expirence.
missed this release started pretty well I thought but the part where the guitars come in full force could have been sped up a bit...the verse gets a bit boring though. hopefully the other tracks are better.