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Yeah, amazing stuff. The mbv cover was good too. Boris + Merzbow together now... is feedbacker too much to hope for?
Digging Noise
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Did you hear about the cockney Godfather?

He made them an offer they couldn't understand.
Old post, I see. But I go back far enough to remember a flailing, long-haired Wata in a Tokyo basement. Recently saw them live in the US -- excellent show, and they're actually very skilled musicians. They tend to tour smaller venues and bars, Japanese "live-house" style, and their set-list usually goes all over the map. Bring a good set of musician's earplugs because they are truly LOUD, though mostly in frequencies low enough to (literally) vibrate eyeballs. "Epic" pretty much described their drummed "NOISE" tour (they sometimes perform drumless). Watch for Atsuo melting into the audience and getting a feel for the crowd before their sets.

Really liked "Heavy Rain" on NOISE, but I'm still hypnotized by "Method of Error" on Präparat.