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I highly respect Steve Vai as an amazing guitarist. I can watch the videos of him with that three neck all day long.
Favorite artist by far. The most impressive thing about mr vai is his creativity. How someone can come up with "windows to the soul", "for the love of god", "touching tongues", or "warm regards" is beyond me. High creativity and professor quality musical knolwdge are keys.
Mastering music itself and having the ability to write for orchestras and all of its instruments is another reason also.
Technically, hes great.....but not the best. Legato, unique phrasing, fast multiple finger tapping, tremolo mastery, little nuances, odd arpeggios for sweeping, vibrato, arpeggios, and incredible use of a wah pedal are some of his strong points. He is shadowed in comparison to mr gilbert in alternate picking and string skipping though. Have you heard "the gargoyle or almost anything off of Fuzz Universe?
But artists that have their own style have no need for extreme proficiency in certain techniques like speed with alternate picking or speed in general.
Steve in my opinion, is the greatest guitarist/musician in the rock virtuoso class alive. Of course theres Becker, gilbert and petrucci, abasi etc, but he has all of the qualities that make a musician extraordinary. Plus I just like his music on many well as pauls.
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So i got to see Vai when i was out in Orlando about a week ago, it was amazing. He played a bunch of new stuff and had this weird light up costume and the guitar from the cover over the Ultrazone for the title track, the mobile nutty drumkit from 'Where the wild things are' was back too. They played for about 2 and a half hours all together, it was an incredible show !
Just so everybody knows, I'm eventually going to end up working for Mr. Vai in some way, shape, or another, at some point in my life. Calling it, keep an eye out, it's happening.

Even if it's cleaning his toilets...
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Vai's show at Club Nokia in L.A. was fantastic!

Great show, he played for 2 1/2 hrs, performed a lot of new material from the excellent Story Of Light album and a nice mix of older tunes spanning Passion & Warfare onwards. Especially enjoyed 'Rescue Me Or Bury Me' from the Sex & Religion album, one of my favourite Vai albums.

The concert was shown on AxsTV which I think is the new name for HDNET?
Hopefully they will re-run it so fellow Vai fans can DVR.

Let me also say that I love many different styles of music and when I go to a Vai show I'm not looking for perfect Dumble tone or tasteful blues phrasing, I go to see Vai be Vai which he does brilliantly.

I really dig his compositions too and I think he deserves a lot of credit for his unique voice on the instrument and for maintaining a long productive career.
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I saw Vai two days ago

Jeremy Colson is a seriously loud drummer. I don't think the snare was even being sent to the PA
I saw Steve at the same concert. It was the most beautiful day of my life. I also got his beautiful pick.