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Just took in a Johnny Hiland signature used yesterday. Hell of a fast neck on that thing.
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I played a S2 Standard 22 recently, wasn't impressed at all. Was marginally better than a worse than average 14 LP Studio.
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I played a S2 Standard 22 recently, wasn't impressed at all. Was marginally better than a worse than average 14 LP Studio.

The best cheap USA made PRS guitars are the old CE22/24
2002 PRS CE22
2013 G&L ASAT Deluxe
2009 Epiphone G-400 (SH-4)
Marshall JCM2000 DSL100
Krank 1980 Jr 20watt
Krank Rev 4x12 (eminence V12)
GFS Greenie/Digitech Bad Monkey
Morley Bad Horsie 2
MXR Smart Gate
Does a 2001 PRS Santana SE count?

I really love this guitar! Just picked it up of CL for a couple bones. It was barley played since new and I could tell. Still had original strings (corroded) and frets were corroded. Was dusty but no nicks or marks on it.

I played it with the original strings and it immediately went out of tune (ie, never played or had the strings stretched or just really corroded!)

Put a new set of polywebs on it, cleaned it, rubbed the frets down with a couple different grit of fret erasers and it's like new.. Great tone. Not quite as nice as my Gibson LP, but still, something I can enjoy more than my old daily driver (squier strat).
Has anybody placed an order for the Mark Holcomb?

Top Wood Quilted Maple 10 Top
Back Wood Mahogany
Finish Satin
Number of Frets 24
Scale Length 25.5"
Neck Wood Rock Maple
Fretboard Wood Gaboon Ebony
Neck Shape Pattern Thin
Fretboard Inlays Green Abalone J Birds
Headstock Inlay Ebony Veneer with Inlaid Signature
Bridge PRS Plate–Style
Tuners PRS Phase III Locking Tuners
Truss Rod Cover "Mark Holcomb"
Hardware Type Nickel
Treble Pickup Mark Holcomb Signature Seymour Duncan "Omega"
Bass Pickup Mark Holcomb Signature Seymour Duncan "Alpha"
Pickup Switching Volume and Tone Control with 5-Way Blade Switch
Strings PRS .010 - .052
Tuning Ships in Drop C

Sold both my Ibanez RG3120s so I can grab these two. 2000 purple and 2003 ten top black / grey. Got a good deal on the purple one since the only botch was that light purple stain between the PUs; the other one is more beat up but both sound and play great. I love the wide fat necks

Planning to install the Dimarzio Titans on the black one for drop C stuff and keep the purple stock for Eb. The #7 bridge is great for rock and country tones.
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Have owned and played (occasionally) my CE24 for a number of years and although I do like the great selection of tones available on this beautiful instrument it just doesn't feel quite right compared to my Fenders. It was set up professionally in Nashville but I had to reset the string height and intonation when back in Australia to achieve a better "feel". Is there a trick to setting up so that it plays as well as my Fenders?