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Thanks, so I have played around and gotten the perfect set up for myself. Now I am trying to set the intonation, and its coming in a bit sharp for almost every string. Seems like no matter how much I tighten the screw, the intonation is not really changing. How close should it be?

The closer, the better.
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Hi, thanks for this thread. I'm looking to set up my guitar(s) for the first time but I have a few worries.

I've always tuned my guitars using the 5th fret method, after getting the low E in tune with a pitch pipe, piano, or most often, a recorded low E. Occasionally the chords would sound a little off, sometimes not, but the guitar was never unplayable.

I recently bought an electric clip-on headstock tuner. I tune each string chromatically at 440hz, and the chords always sound good when I tune this way.

However, my problem is that when I get the strings in tune via the tuner, and then do a quick recheck using the 5th fret method, the 5th fret method is always out of tune. When I tune the strings with the 5th fret method and then go back to the tuner, the tuner shows the strings out of tune. Sometimes it is different combinations with the 5th fret method, i.e., it's never just the low E and A that don't match up. Somedays they'll be good, and it will be the A and D that don't match up, etc.

So, what's the problem, if the electric tuner can get my guitar in tune (meaning the intonation is okay) but the 5th fret method is always off (meaning the intonation is not okay). Is the 5th fret method not really that accurate, and just used as a quick check?

I should note that on the second guitar, the 5th fret method does work after tuning with the electric tuner except for the B and high E, which never match up perfectly using the 5th fret method after tuning with the electric tuner. So I'm thinking the intonation is (more) off on the first guitar.

I would like to hear some feedback before I start messing with the bridge saddle lengths and really screw up the intonation. Please feel free to ask questions if something is unclear with my problem. The strings on both guitars need to be changed, and neither have been set up recently, and I would like to do a set up (if necessary) when I do the string changes.

I read a lot about set-up, now, I have this old guitar i messed up long time ago when I had no clue about set-up and how to do it right, I want to try get it up and running again, what would be the direction I need to go? as in, what to do first?
I assume its adjusting the neck with the trust rod first and then moving on to action & intonation. right?
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