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REQ. Crystal clear. young guns
hey im in a band and i desperatley need the lead guitar tab to this song we have already got the rythim [forbidden link] thats the song the lead is played by the guy on the tele and [forbidden link] is the best rythm UG tab we found so if you can do it someone please tab the lead cheers
Dead By April - Carry Me

Wouldn't necessarily call it intermediate/expert, but it's really good to learn... also, i wrote this tab, and it's the only tab of this song, so if you could all rate?<3
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I see the date of 07-31-2007 so I'm not sure if anyone is monitoring this site now...anyway here goes: I was listening to some Melissa Etheridge music the other day and heard some really cool electric guitar back up on the CD (after doing a little research I found the guitarist) by Phil Sayce doing a metal intro to O Night Devine. Actually Sayce start about one minute and twenty seconds into the song, he has about a 1.5 minute riff then Melissa takes over. I was wondering if anyone else has heard this and if anyone had been able to write down the Tabs for his guitar part. I can get parts of it but just haven't been able to get through it all.
Can anyone please tab a song named Miss decibel by Medina? (You can find it on youtube)

That would be extremely appreciated, been trying to find it for a long time but it doesn't exist anywhere... :/
Hey there can anyone here help me find or can anyone make a tab for this song please?
study no.6 by peter altmeier-mort I can not find it and would really like to learn it, can some one please help?
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Anyone know any good tabs for spanish or classical guitar?
Sure thing. All Advanced

Rik Emmett - A Whisper Away GuitarPro

Rik Emmett - Acadian_dance GuitarPro

Rik Emmett - The Castle Of Regret GuitarPro

Rik Emmett - Secret Wishes GuitarPro

Rik Emmett - The Seventh Circle GuitarPro

Rik Emmett - Two Jigs GuitarPro
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That works too
Thanks FatKidsOnMopeds</3 !

Avenged Sevenfold - Unholy Confessions

Intermediate. Fun to play, good practice for alternate picking

Another good A7X song that really isn't that hard? Trashed and Scaterd for the tab pro file, for the ASCII. It'sintermidiate, kinda hard at first for the changes,buut super fun to play.

I would like to play this song to my girlfriend because she really like this tune. But I have a problem with the chords - I do not know what there is here. And I think it is Capo but at what fret?

Please help.
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Hey guys. I'm new to the forums, so I'm somewhat lost. But I think I'm in the right place. Recently I have run out of tabs to play. There are plenty of tabs, but none I want to play. My favorite kind of music to play would be carter style bluegrass solos. I am looking for an Intermediate solo. Some of my favorite songs i like to play would be little magie, wildwood flower, will the circle be unbroken. So if anyone could give me a song on UG that would be like that.

I've not used forums before so I'm not sure if I'm doing this quite right. I thought I should start a new 'thread' but am not allowed. Anyway, I think I'm in the right folder, at least...

I've tried to find a tab for "Dragonfly" by the Nolans but no joy. I've instead been practicing on their "Gotta Pull Myself Together" instead (I've put a comment correction against it as I think there's a typo on some chords near the end of it).

Anyway - it seems a long shot, but does anyone know of a tab for Dragonfly?

I'm a pretty noob guitarist btw. Can play most open chords and some barres, but working on those and power chords (and having some lessons).

Thanks if anyone can help!
Gordon Panther
Fairly-nooby guitarist
song to learn must be Fade To Black, its the best song ever!!! its got acoustice bits.
Chris Stapleton did a cover with his wife of you are my sunshine. Cannot find any tabs anywhere, im not sure if this is where ill find that solution but any help would be appreciated.
I would like to play this song to my girlfriend because she really like this tune. But I have a problem with the chords - I do not know what there is here. And I think it is Capo but at what fret?

Please help.

Sounds like its in G. No capo. Looks like it has some variations on C and D chords. Sorry, I don't have time to offer more.
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