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I've always been pretty fond of his debut. Not so much as an album, but it's a really neat insight into what he must've been like and stuff. A couple great tracks and lots of eh tracks I guess.
I used to just listen to "Song to Woody" and a couple others on youtube, but the vids got taken down so I had the prudence to dl it.
"Don't Look Back" was great.

Loved the banter, the witticisms, and what appeared to be the foundation of the modern music video. My favorite scenes are of him and Donovan sharing songs. They're a bit tense because they don't trust each other right away but when they warm up its really beautiful.
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the Donovan scenes are great because he so quickly realizes how out of his league this Dylan guy is.
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the Donovan scenes are great because he so quickly realizes how out of his league this Dylan guy is.

Donovan cut his losses just in time. Smart move.
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I don't like Blonde on Blonde as much as some of you Dylan fans >_>
I prefer Bringing It All Back Home and Highway 61 Revisited.

I love all the trilogy so much.
if it wasnt for blonde on blonde having my favorite dylan song, i would probably like it considerably less. voj<3
I'd say out of the three, Highway 61 is probably my least favorite. that being said, I love it. I just love the other two way more.

I'm thinking about picking up Planet Waves for my dad for father's day because he somehow doesn't seem to have it. (he's got virtually every other Dylan album, so I don't know what the deal is.)

anyway, what do you guys think of it? I figure it's got the dudes from the Band on it, so it can't be too bad, right?
Bob just announced a Cincinnati show, so I'll be seeing him a 6th time since '07 this summer. Can't wait... everything feels right when I've got a Bob show coming up. I'm pulling for a Visions Of Johanna and a Blowin' In the Wind this time around- those are the 2 songs I always seem to miss.
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Hey all, just started getting into Dylan. Listened to Highway 61 revisited and loved it, now on The times, they...
What album should I listen to next?
Also, are his christian albums like slow train coming etc any good?
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Slow Train Coming and Infidels are solid albums from the gospel era, but don't mess with those yet. They aren't even close to most of what came before them. Bringing It All Back Home, Blonde On Blonde and Blood On the Tracks would all be good picks for where to go next. If you're curious about the great stuff Bob has done semi-recently I'd grab Love and Theft.
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^had never listened to that. awesome

I've been listening to all the Dylan albums I never really listened to. Nashville Skyline is actually really neat once you get past the weird voice. New Morning is also great.

I think Blood on the Tracks might be my favorite album though. And "Desolation Row" might be my favorite song.
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