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i love of montreal, this isnt my favourite album of theirs but its great none the less..i saw them when they came to toronto, they were freaking amazing!
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I looked up Irony in the dictionary, and it said

Irony - When you walk into a Hot Topic and see five people wearing "You hate me because I'm different" t-shirts.
"My wife and I had a daughter. But then, kind of in an unconventional sort of way I reacted—well probably maybe very conventional—but I guess I reacted in a negative way to her pregnancy and having a daughter and stuff. At first I wasn't really capable of accepting it. It was really difficult because it's such a lifestyle shift. All of the sudden all these things are changing internally and externally, and it was totally freaking me out, and I was trying to balance being in a band and touring and all that and also being a father and being supportive to my wife—because I couldn't, if I'm going to be on tour, I can't be there with her, and if I'm going to be with her I can't be on tour—so it was conflict that I couldn't resolve, which eventually led to this intense depression period. And as a result of the depression, all of these paranoia and anxiety problems were popping up. And I just started totally freaking out, like a total collapse, which I've never ever gone through before. And eventually my wife and I split up, and we got a divorce, and she moved back to Norway, and I went through this hedonistic period, and all this turmoil and all this craziness was going on in my life. The record represents all that, that journey that I went through.

Luckily, I was able to come back and sort things out, and figure things out in my mind, so now, even though we're still divorced, we're living together. So, like, she's my girlfriend now. (laughs) You know, we're raising our daughter together—so the record kind of represents that. The first half of the record is like—you can kind of sense a lot of tension and turmoil and stuff, and then there's this 11-minute song that just is like a total just primal scream of a song, you know, like everything, it's just kind of like, just lay it out there. And after that, it's sort of a release. And then from that point on the record becomes a lot lighter and a lot happier sounding, sort of these weird little dance numbers. So yeah, in that way it sort of reflects what was going on in my life and how my life is a lot better. I feel a lot happier, and my relationships are better, and everyone's getting along, and things are working out in a cool way, and I'm super happy to be a father, super happy to be involved in the circle."
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It's not bad, and this is a great AOTM, but dear god, is that a pretentiously awful album title.

it means "Snake, Are You the Devil?" in somewhat pretentious synonyms hahah

was just looking around and i found that. it was recorded before hissing fauna was released, and they have "bunny ain't no kind of rider" (with the title "eagle-shaped mirror") and "suffer for fashion," as well as a couple of other tracks from earlier albums entirely acoustic.

i thought it was kinda cool
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yeah yeah
i like that
i've had it for a while, but i don't think most people have

i quite like the acoustic tracks
I Of Montreal. Alot. I even have a poster that I got for free when I ordered a CD form Insound, it's up in my room.
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