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Hey im looking for lyrics to my song i rote this morning. I cant rite lyrics very well at the moment. If u can help me i ill give u credit for the lyrics and all that stuff. The song is blank right no because i recorded it quikly. It is in my profile right now. If u can help that ould be great.
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Hey Hey.

I've got a whole lotta lyrics that don't fit my band (a power-pop group), but I can't sing to save myself.

I have some lyrics with basic chord progressions - vocals and maybe an expansion on the music side would be cool for these; and I also have some lyrics without music which you can run wild with.

Lyrics are posted on my profile's blog.

If anyone's keen to work on some stuff fire us a PM.

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Hey guys.
I've written some lyrics that I want to make a song of. But I cant really find some chord progression that fits it really well. So could anyone of you guys help me out?
The lyrics can be found here:

I thought it should like have the same style as for example SeaSide from the Kooks. But that's just a rough direction that i want to go with it. So you can basically do with it what you want.
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Hi everyone, I have a song recorded without lyrics and I was wondering if anyone could download my song and try to record lyrics so I can get a feel for how to write good quality songs. If you can't record it then at least try to reply to me with some lyrics to help me get started.
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I'm looking for someone to help me jumpstart my new progressive rock concept project. I have a concept in mind, I just need someone to help me expand upon it further and also help me write songs for it.

PM me if you're interested.
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I am having trouble writing solo's. I have been playing for a long time, but it seems like when I try to solo, I seem to always play in the same box. I am stuck in the A Phrygian mode and the pentatonic. It's like my ear isn't progressing, and my knowledge of scales and modes isn't either.
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Hey guys here's the deal. I'm looking to start writing a progressive rock (think Pink Floyd but a bit more Jazzy) concept album and I have a basic story line developed.

I'm looking for someone who would write the music along with me. This person needs to be quite open minded and not tied down to one specific genre or instrument. I would also like it if this person had a decent knowledge of music theory, as it definitely helps when talking about and describing music.

I'm also looking for someone to write the lyrics. If this is the same person as Person #1, then fantastic, but I really want the lyrics to be good, not just any old rubbish. I can also contribute to lyric writing, but in general I suck and it is very rarely that I'll come up ith a phrase or a verse that I like.

If you're interested, please PM me

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I'm looking for someone to help me write metal lyrics!
I've been trying by myself for months, but I can't seem to write anything good, at least to myself.
so if you like Metallica, or Megadeth(my music/lyrics are more megadeth sounding) then i'd appreciate your help!

help please
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I'm looking for someone to help me write metal lyrics!
I've been trying by myself for months, but I can't seem to write anything good, at least to myself.
so if you like Metallica, or Megadeth(my music/lyrics are more megadeth sounding) then i'd appreciate your help!

help please

I have concepts by the way!
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can anyone help me out here?
this is a song about my friend, who's mother was caught with drugs.
This is a lyric bit he and I thought of today, and I need help building because I suck at lyrics.
its the first line of the first verse.

If I had an answer.
I wouldn't have a clue.
my life is just a lie
and the drugs became you

help me out here!
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synth players or songwriters, anyone interested on working on any sort of project, hit me up, I'm not satisfied with the garage band scene in my area and would like to work on anything over the net, i write lyrics and play guitar, and bass if necessary, and can usually find a good session vocalist. seriously, i'm thinking a Postal Service situation, i just wanna have fun, PM me
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Hi can anyone help me finish a song i started writing? I'm stuck on finishing the lyrics and also need some help with the guitar part. PM me and i can send the lyrics i already have. Thanks in advance

*edit* i was planning on it being an acoustic piece
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I been lookin to write some music to something. If you got some lyrics I'd be glad to help
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i go some song ideas people and need some help with vocals. hit me up if interested!!
its kinda an acoustic type thing.
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Hey friends, i have two questions:

1. For the last few weeks i wasn't able to write Lyrics for anything, except about one thing. This is really annoying, so can you tell me ways to find inspiration for different Song themes?

2. I posted a couple Songs in S&L Forum, but I'm not able to write any Music. I have Ideas, how the Songs could sound later, but never Music itself. If you want to write some Music, you can go to my Profile and read some of my songs. If you have some ideas you are welcome to send them to me.
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So I'm in the process of writing an EP for my hardcore side project, and I would love some help with lyrics if anyone is interested. I have some ideas as far as lyrical themes and subject matter goes, I just have no idea what to write. If anyone is interested in helping out, you'll get full lyrical credit once I have the EP ready. I'll post a link to some lyrics I've already posted on here as well.
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I can't find the R&R Forum referred to in the first post in this forum. Can anyone help?

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I"m an experienced, working lyricist, who plays rhythm guitar. My duo and my 5 piece band performs my songs regularly. I just don't have the whatever to devise good melodies. I will provide samples of current songs, and it you are interested, send lyrics in need of music.
Thanks. And I want someone who is easy to work with and reliable. I am. My current duo is Summit of Two, and some of our originals can be found on