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I just turned my profile into private because i got sick with all the lurkers.
And i have an idea for private profiles.

Basically, it'll be like an "about me" section, only for people who don't have access to your profile. So instead of seeing this:
! This profile is set to private!
This user must add you as a friend to see his/her profile.

You can choose to say like "feel free to add me, my profile is private because i hate lurkers " or something....

Is it a possible idea?
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i've got a tab in the Queue area and i was on the phone when i posted the tab.. the problem is that i have the name set the album and when i try to update the title, it doesnt update..
i put the tab on hold because no one was rejecting it as i asked lol..
so my suggestion would be to try fix this, and if its possible. point me in that direction.
Hello UG Community and Programmers.

I noticed that this thread got a little off-topic, but is clearly where my post belongs.

I am a long-time user of the site and have seen many improvements over the years, however, there are a few *very important* implementations that have been overlooked and could easily be addressed:

1) Display Chords default fingering - the Display Chords function is great, however, from my experience, I am constantly adjusting the default chord formation and required to scroll through the many variations to find my preferred chord fingering. I find it strange that the most common fingerings are not usually 2nd or 3rd (for things like C and D), but have the user search through 4 or 5 to find them (obvious secondary barre chord fingerings). In short, it would be nice to have the site remember what chord variation the user selected. You could have this work the same way you have the Transpose function save the data, or, better yet, include a setting in the user profile where they may indicate their chord fingering preferences. This would save many people like myself a lot of time, eliminating the need to scroll through variations on each tab to find our preference.

2) Display Chords Auto-scroll - The function that displays chords above the tabulature should allow the user to decide whether the chord diagrams auto-scroll, much like the Auto-scroll controller. Ideally, the diagrams would be selectable and moveable, must like the Auto-scroll controller.

3) Global/individual chord variation - When holding your cursor over individual chords and selection a certain variation, the user should have the option of changing the fingering for the entire song (changing the Display Chord diagram and all chords accordingly), or altering just that single chord. I find myself changing chords and moving my mouse away accidentally, just to find myself having to re-select my choice variation.

4) Preset tuning chords - Currently, the user who submitted the tab specifies the tuning. Alternate tuning displays chord diagrams relative to that tuning specified. It would be nice if the interface allowed the user to select which tuning they would like the chords displayed for (e.g. Though a tab was submitted in Drop D, I would like the be able to select the chord diagrams for Standard Tuning, instead of having all of them relate to Drop D)

In short, the chord diagrams could be utilized to their full potential if programmed to behave more flexibly. They should allow presets by the user (eventually, allowing the user to select their own priority fingering in their profile settings, or otherwise), remember individual chord alterations (of less concern, but effective), but **MUST** float the chord diagrams above the tab, and move with the screen auto-scroll.

Again, I love the site, and don't mean to sound critical, but the site would make a huge stride towards perfect if these changes were implemented. I would appreciate some feedback from other members or staff if possible.

Thanks for everything!
Okay, I swear every other tab on this site starts off with something like this...

‘I don't think the band has played it like this, but I do it all the time.’, or ‘Okay be kind please this is my first post and i did this with a sprained arm >.<’

Can there please be a thread, e-book, or section on the front page of the site where people can up-vote the best of the best disclaimers?
I think you should make it when somebody post new tabs the older thabs that didnt have good ratings should get deleted.
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Dunno if it's been said already (this thread's HUGE), but it needs to be possible to delete one's profile entirely if they no longer want to be part of the community. It's a little silly that you're permanently a member if you sign up.

That. Ditch your old profile? Official site policy: good riddance, don't come back or you'll be banned.
Like it's been said before this thread is huge and I don't have time to read through every single, so, I would like to see a discussion topic for live sound. Such as what guitar effact to use for a particular song.
I would like it if tabs that have been "removed at the request of the publisher" either got deleted (note: if this method, you'd probably also need a notification text saying that people should not put up more tabs by this artist as they'll get taken down too.) or put an icon next to the title in the search results so you know not to bother clicking on it.
Since the advent of social media like Reddit, Facebook groups, etc., forums here have been dying and I think that it would be a good idea to start mixing forums together to save them from dying completely, and possibly exposing people to different sorts of music somewhat similar to their own tastes (unless it turns out that people here aren't interested in things other than what they already listen to).

Trust me when I say I am a Black Flag person and not at all a Taking Back Sunday person, but I think combining punk and pop-punk wouldn't be a big issue. Perhaps even with hardcore, but that could go with metal.

And definitely keep ska separate from punk, and reggae is definitely a commonly played guitar/bass genre! I'm not sure how popular world music is but since UG is international, it'd be interesting to add that option. So it's not in the "Other" forums along with mainstream pop music. Reggae+World might be ok.
Please add a Chopro conversion button. have one and it makes life so much easier when copying and editing in mobile devices
I love your site. I would like to see the ability to edit tabs once they are in my favorites list' where I might add reminders to chords or change chords because of inaccurate postings. I know I can submit a correction but I would just like to change a few things for my own benefit. Please consider this idea. Thanks, and keep up the great work you are doing! JM
I recentely faced a problem with approving tabs.
My Tab is similar chord with another version but very different in timing.
When user wanna play with old version (by other user) its not possible for timing.
Then I create new one with correct timing and you rejected it.
Then I came with details to show why my timing is accurate and one of the site moderators (Emad) approved that my timing has better accuacy.
But still reject!
Can you tell me why I should get a lot of negative points and rejection for the more accurate tab?
I hope somebody responsible answer me.
This might be listed on here somewhere, already, but as there were nearly 600 replies I just thought I'd let my impatience win and post without checking the thread in its entirety.

Would there be some way, possibly, to add in a folder-sub folder organization for the favorites page? I basically live there, and as time goes on I'm getting all of my genres mixed up. I've got christmas music next to indie. . .its awkward, and it makes my inner ocd twitch a little bit. (Ok, a fair bit)

I love you guys, I love your site, I'm on it literally every day. This is the only suggestion I could think of. Keep up the good work!
Please, make a count of favourites more or better unlimited, than 1000, because i have message about "too many tabs in favourites", but i would like to add more tabs inmy collection...

Thank you for your work at all

Wouldn't it be nice to do "Search as you type" filtering in favorites?

When you have 1000+ favorites, browsing for a specific one is trivial. Especially when only single words from the title is remembered.

-The day after a great late night session of guitar, and i cant remember which three incredible songs i added...

-The tabs we found and added in December when we were making a kickass setlist

How about you make sorting by 'date added' available for favorites? It would be really helpful.

Best Regards
why the hell are they changing this site so much, everything UG is doing is total crap and it's really pissing me off.
I would like to be able to add personal notes to tabs. To make notes about key, tunings instrumentation or other specific info i need when playing.
Quote by c_wilky12349
why the hell are they changing this site so much, everything UG is doing is total crap and it's really pissing me off.

You must be fun at parties. Come up with suggestions, this isn't helpful.
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I would love the ability to search for chords, ek. Bm7b5 abd other chords that need practising.

"Bm7b5" can do it, but why not make it a feature in the advanced search...
We need an option under "New Posts" where you can specify which forums to avoid, i.e. "The Pit".

It would also be nice to have a RSS feed, so you get the newest threads presented(in a RSS reader) instead of having to open pages and click through them. This is the norm for most uptodate sites, nowadays.
Most of the time the songs from Music button (in the android app) cannot find my MP3 files (message: no songs found in your music library).
Can you please add option to link the song in your music library manually if it cannot be found.
Mp3 files usually have a inner description (artist, album, song name). The MP3 will be opened if the tab's title corresponds to that description and not to the name of the MP3 file itself.
It looks like your files have wrong description or no description at all.

Do you suggest manually linking an MP3 file directly to a specific tab?
I've referred this idea to the developers. Thanks for the idea!
Ultimate Guitar official Support Portal
If you create a ticket by contacting the Support Team directly at forum-support[@] you'll receive a personal answer by email within 24 hours.

There should be an easy way to change your username or at least allow to delete the account (so you can register again).
I would like a possibility to add a chord box over the TABs, so I can add my finger positions after I figured out which finger to put where, maybe also possible to add finger number beside the TAB?
Quote by pbekkerh
I would like a possibility to add a chord box over the TABs, so I can add my finger positions after I figured out which finger to put where, maybe also possible to add finger number beside the TAB?

Thanks for the suggestion, yet this is a wrong thread
Ultimate Guitar official Support Portal
If you create a ticket by contacting the Support Team directly at forum-support[@] you'll receive a personal answer by email within 24 hours.

Quote by pbekkerh
UG Support
Obviously I don't know where to post it. So could You move it or at least give me a hint to where it should go?

Well it was better just to start a new thread in the "Site Suggestions" forum.
Ultimate Guitar official Support Portal
If you create a ticket by contacting the Support Team directly at forum-support[@] you'll receive a personal answer by email within 24 hours.