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My band just released this split with ¡Silencio, Ahora, Silencio! and I thought I'd post it on here incase anyone is interested.

You can stream the Cassus side here:

You can stream the ¡Silencio, Ahora, Silencio! side here:

You can download both sides here if you like it:

We're working on some sort of physical release (it'll probably be a CD release) at the moment. If you're interested in a physical copy when we have them done message me on here and I'll (try to remember to) give you a message when they're done.

Thanks for reading/checking it out!
have any of you guys listened to Old Gray? Awesome east coast emo/screamo band,definitely worth a listen.
Oh, cool. I knew Old Gray did, didn't know that about Todos Caeran. Though that may explain why I found out about them through an Old Gray facebook post
Todos' After Dark is still one of my favourite Skramz albums.
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I'm glad you guys have enjoyed the new record! It's a relief to see good reception because we got hardly any feedback for the Tel Fyr split and the 4-way split with Bonehouse, Kaddish, and Polina, which was delayed so long everyone forgot about it (we didn't even bother having a release show for it). We're kind of banking on touring on the new LP, so any clout is good clout.
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now that they've run out of murakami titles, i wonder what their next album is about

Forever War, All My Sins Remembered, Forever Peace.

Admittedly, I have continuous misgivings about the Murakami themes. I think he's a good author but I've gotten the impression that people who listen to Todos think we're obsessed. This is patently false, James is obsessed and because he writes the lyrics he is also evidently entitled to name them (bullshit). I don't know how we ended up doing Murakami for another record, I'm almost 90% sure that I voiced a dissenting opinion about this but ended up ignored. I still don't even know the appropriate song names. As far as I'm concerned the record begins with "Hyrule" (when we wrote it one riff sounded like it was lifted from Zelda), "Matt's other song," "III," "the capo song" (surprise! I use a capo for this song), "the other shred song" (there is no "shredding" in this song), and "III?"

Also, I still occasionally check this board but I'm usually really busy with grad work so I don't have a ton of time with which to post. Also, I've found that a lot of forums have been dead of late.
Seriously enjoying Decompositions Vol. 1 by CTTS at the moment. That is all.
Not really screamo per se, but could anyone recommend me more music like Pianos Become the Teeth's "The Lack Long After"?

By that I means strummy, melodic guitar work, emotive vocals, maybe slighlty more on the post-hardcore end of the spectrum than, say, Saetia, P.99, or City of Caterpillar.