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Sharp curve.

Left side derivative at the point is 2(1) = 2.
Right side is 1.

Slope is not defined for sharp points.

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Hey math nerds, I have a stats question. I've kind of forgotten some details to do with understanding NHST results, but have an article to read with p values and unfamiliar stuff everywhere.

If someone performs a hierarchical multiple regression analysis, does following up with a series of univariate ANOVAs to clarify mean group differences increase Type I error rate? I imagine it would, but I've never read an article before in which someone took these particular steps.

If yes, would an alpha correction (Bonferroni or something) reduce likelihood of a Type I error?
I thought Bonferroni was for Type II

idk it's 1 am so I may get back to this question or completely forget about it

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I have no idea but ill bump and hope someone else does. Tbh i hate stats
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