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Hey math nerds, I have a stats question. I've kind of forgotten some details to do with understanding NHST results, but have an article to read with p values and unfamiliar stuff everywhere.

If someone performs a hierarchical multiple regression analysis, does following up with a series of univariate ANOVAs to clarify mean group differences increase Type I error rate? I imagine it would, but I've never read an article before in which someone took these particular steps.

If yes, would an alpha correction (Bonferroni or something) reduce likelihood of a Type I error?
I thought Bonferroni was for Type II

idk it's 1 am so I may get back to this question or completely forget about it

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I have no idea but ill bump and hope someone else does. Tbh i hate stats
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Can any of you guys explain Dark Matter and Energy to me? It confuses the hell outta me.
Well, you see. There's matter and energy and then there's dark matter and dark energy.

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Might be more appropriate to pose that question to the Space & Astronomy Thread.
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Can any of you guys explain Dark Matter and Energy to me? It confuses the hell outta me.

scientists have observed movements of objects in space that indicates there is a gravitational influence which is not accounted for in the universe, so there must be some kind of mass out there which we have not detected yet. Matter and energy are the same thing (e=mc^2 tells us this) and so dark matter is basically just the account of all of this miscellaneous energy.
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