Has anybody ever heard anything on this guitar company, as far as quality, sound, etc. Even if you have to do some minor modding would it be worth picking up? Also, have a look through the sellers store, he has some pretty wild body shapes.
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i think its crap for 280 a double neck.
so i would say save your money and buy a epiphone or a gibson.
but ask yourself when dou you play a double neck???
but...if you like it buy it
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After seeing a KTone travel guitar (new) on ebay for $67, I did some research and came across your thread. I was thinking it must be pure crap, but the ebay feedback was positive. Thinking what have I got to lose for 67 and shipping, my curiousity got me. Got it yesterday (quick shipping) and I was pleasantly surprised. It is not a classic Gibson, but it was worth every penny I paid for it for what I will use it for, dragging around on planes (Came with gig bag, strap, and cord). Decent finish only complaint is the frets are a bit edgy, the the single Humbucker pup sounds fine (use it through a dtech 50). The tuners are sealed and although not grovers are adequate. Neck is maple with a truss rod. Nice finish. You want a decent travel guitar and don't want to pay the 2-300 you could pay, this little thing is worth it. I am sure there will be purist snobs out there who say what is a ktone guitar, but from one who owns Gibson, Fender, Epi-Gibsons, Samick, Ovation, I would buy this thing again.
Moosequills- I just went over to ebay and checked out your little ktone electric guitar. I have to say it looks very solidly built and the shape looks like it would be comfortable to play. Your probably not going to play major gigs with it (although you probably could), but for the convenience of having it with you while you travel, it looks like a great buy. Even if you ended up eventually replacing pups or tuners, you'd still be way ahead money-wise from the "purists" who have to have a "name" (even though the "name" guitar probably came out of the same plant as your ktone! It seems to me that if you're having fun with it, it really doesn't matter, at all, what somebody else thinks. Like you, I own lots of instruments and some of them are expensive "name" guitars. I love them all but some of my absolute favorites you've probably never heard of. I've also owned a Martin D-18 that was one of the crappiest guitars I've ever played. I eventually traded it straight across for a Gretsch Country Gentleman and I know I got the best of that deal.
Gjack316 - After playing this more I still have not soured on it. If I change one thing it will be to get a better set of mini tuners. But again for what I use it for I don't care. A little graphite on the nut helped.
I am defintely with you when it comes to not being a slave to brand names. Have to say my favorite guitar is a Samick LP Burst with nice flame that I have Modern Classic Gibson Pups in, looks and sounds sweet. The primary thing I prefer about Samicks (older ones, 80's) are the necks they are thin and very fast. I like to prowl pawn shops and auctions and some of these less well known brands (all quality hardwood) can be acquired for nothing, and like you say they probaly came off the same line.

Like cars and most things, name often matters little, I just want a reliable tool that will get me there.
Moosequills- You and I are on the same page. Samick guitars are great instruments. The pre-Greg Bennet instruments are getting more and more rare. He's a great designer but, like you, I appreciate the older instruments. ALL it's supposed to be about is the sound. You sound as though you know what you're looking at when you prowl the pawn shops and yard sales. That's the key to getting a bargain, versus buying someone else's nightmare. If you have the ability to discern quality construction, woods and hardware, you can end up with some beautiful (sounding) instruments. Now, if you were collecting as an investment, you'd have to consider "name" and date of construction. But, for guys like you and I, we only care about the sound and ease of playing. One of my very favorite guitars is a Cort 727-F, that my wife bought me as a birthday present years ago. This guitar has a solid maple top, as well as maple back and sides, that distinguishes it from all every other guitar that I own. The sound is much brighter with pronounced mids and highs that makes it "jangle", or sparkle. I added brass, EZ Peg bridge pins, a rosewood pickguard, a John Pearse armrest, and a Fishman Prefix pre-amp, and turned a $300 guitar into a priceless, one-of-a-kind instrument. Most of my acoustics are Korean-made Epiphones because you just cannot beat their value, quality and incredible sound. Of course I add my personal touches to each instrument to make it "mine."
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i recently purchased a ktone lucite clear guitar, it's a copy of a steinberger gt pro spirit. for this type of guitar, (steinbergers) you either love them, or you hate them. i, personally love em. they're unique looking, easy to travel with, and they stay in tune so much better than any reputable locking tuner. i.e. grovers...

so, when the steinberger gt pro became hard to come by, i found this ktone copy of it. and to my surprise, it's a quality instrument coming from china, and for the price ($179) you can't beat it. it stays in tune with the licensed bridge, double balled string system. the neck is maple with a rosewood fretboard. too bad it's a bolt on. even the steinberger spirits are neck through, and those are only $300!

i'm glad i bought this ktone guitar, it a bit heavier than the gt spirit, but with those constantly out of stock i'm happy with this one. not to mention i get lots of compliments on this guitar, it looks like "ice", being a clear lucite guitar...

all the best...
Heyyy I just bought a KTone Double Neck from eBay..And to be honest, for 300$, it was worth it..It plays fairly good.I mean for the money it's a great deal.Still like my ESP a bit more, but hey, it's worth getting.
i found a 6/12 Ktone black double neck acoustic electric (single cutaway) on ebay. do you think it would be good? Is it worth the $280 that it is?

is Ktone a good guitar brand, anyways?
Ktone is, in fact, a "Nobody" brand. The company that makes them hasn't been around long, or at the very least, isn't a big name. But that means what? Exactly. Bupkis. I own 9 guitars, and ONE of them has a brand name, and even it's a Samick. My point being, OP, do you like it? Can you afford it? If the answer to those questions is yes, I say go for it.
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I just purchased a Deluxe 6 string Hollow body guitar, looks alot like a Gibson ES175 and i liked it cuz it was green, I didnt know the brand name but I have a fender strat, and a flying v, and a few others that i didnt think it was bad to have an off brand, supposed to get it tomorrow, hope its good.
I just saw a Semi Hollowbody Bass, and Guitar on Ebay, both for around $140-$189.99, and msg the person, and they said they where K-tone, and the reason the price is so low is cause he sells them at whole sale prices, not retail.. So I sent another msg asking what they are similar too, Epiphone, Squire etc.. They look nice, I see that, but just wanna make sure I'm not buying a POS, I plan on blood splattering it up and shit, but I'd like it to sound decent at the least.. I'll update later this week if I decide to Order it once I hear back from the guy.
If you get it, report back and let us know. Theres a steinberger spirit headless type thing by ktone for sale just 10 miles away from me, which im semi interested in as its cheap
cheers dude, I couldn't find anything on them on the internet, no company history or details on the materials, pickups etc.
Yeah same here, hence why i'm asking the guy a bunch of Questions before i commit to buy one.. I don't mind trying no name guitars, like most people I've played a few no namers that sound better then some of the name brands. And i'd love to spend $3,000.00 on something really nice one day, But at the playing level I'm at right now, that can wait till I make enough money to toss away on one of those lol..
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Oh and they have magnetic pick-ups, I have a feeling this guy don;t know shit about guitars and is just trying to sell these things. Yet I'm still almost tempted to buy one anyway.
thats actually pretty clever, until i started reading I was skeptical about it just being some sort of synthesized sound,

their not extortionately priced either, i'd like to have a play with one
I sent another msg asking what the return policy was, if it was free etc, and what the neck is made of, he sent back "30 days". .So he's avoiding any major questions, so I'm gonna pass..
I own a green sunburst K-tone les Paul copy hollowbody 5 string bass and a crimson sparkle K-tone double neck. I'm fairly certain by the name, grammar mistakes and general mannerisms that the seller who goes by the handel kykyitem on ebay is an English as a second language speaker, and thus not as fluent as a native English speaker. Don't let this disuade you from ordering from him though, as he is a stand-up seller and ships stuff out quickly.

The straight goods on my Ktones:

My K-tone les Paul copy hollowbody 5 string bass arrived set up fairly well, with loosened strings and an easily fixed sheilding problem. A small cross to bear for an otherwise fine looking and decent playing $150.00 5-string bass. I got it a week after ordering to Canada and was able to track it online at UPS.

My K-tone double neck also arrived a week after ordering, in an included hard case. This arrived with loosened strings, and requires 2 neck shims and a pro set-up. One pickup needed a slightly larger set screw because the threaded base had been stripped. The body is made of light wood, which I don't mind as I'll be standing for extended periods with it. The guitar is balanced, doesn't nosedive when strapped on. Hardware is sufficient, rheostats have a little dust in em, finish has a couple slight imperfections and pickguard are a bit roughly cut but hey, this is a $329 doubleneck with case. 30% the price of an Epi, and 10% of a Gibson, sans case.
This is alot of guitar for the cash, and well worth the money. I reccommend these. Just be aware you will have a little work setting up these babies.
ktone guitars are great for the price. I have a Lucite flying v that is sweet. good pickups. gold hardware. killer sound and feel. and it only cost me about $200. so to everyone that "only plays gibsons" or whatever, you are just paying for the name.
I just received mine from Ebay-I was in search of a windaroo guitar and came upon the manufacturer-which will put any name on the guitars that you wish.

If you check this web site out I am sure you will find a picture of your Ktone guitar. www.ursupplier.com

The guitar I purchased is identical to the Windaroo that my friend has. The person selling these on Ebay doesn't want people to know the actual manufacturer.

They are actually really nice guitars-I love mine-I got the hollw body. Hope this helps!!!!
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As far as the Steinberger, I'm still deciding if it's awesome or completely stupid. But are the double necks good? I REALLY want a double neck because they look cool, I've always wanted a 12 string electric (but don't want to buy a guitar that's just a 12 string), and because Jimmy Page and Alex Lifeson used them (Gibson EDS-1275). This is a great deal if it's good, a double neck hard case would be hard to find and expensive. For the price, I could change the pickups. And I completely agree with the name brand thing.
I've just received my K Tone Deluxe 5 String Clear Body Lucite Electric Bass Guitar from e bay and it is a perfect candidate for my Guitar Mod Project can anyone help me find the wireing diagram and part data sheets on it?