Okay, so i've just bought myself a new Monterey 191CEN Acoustic guitar, it was a steal and a little bit of an impulse buy but it sounds beautiful and looks the part.

The guitar has come with a preamp, a Shadow LC4 (not that that means much, after a lot of searching i've found little information about it), but being uneducated about the process of acoustic amplification, i don't know what exactly to do.

The hardware on the unit is your typical little black box on the side of the guitar, has an inbuilt EQ and a phase shifter or something, but no on button.

I've replaced the 9v battery, checked the orientation numerous times and the "battery" light won't come on. I've heard you need to plug it in first, so i tried plugging it into my 20 watt electric amp to no avail. I'm just wondering whether it's my setup that is faulty or the guitar. I don't really want to take the 30 minute walk back to the guitar shop with guitar in hand only to be turned away because it was something simple.

my thoughts are thus so far:

1) My amp isn't suited for an acoustic, or is badly grounded.
2) There is an on button, i just can't find it.
3) There is some mechanical stop which prevents battery from draining before sale of the guitar, and it needs to be removed
4) The preamp is faulty and i need to go get it looked at.

I'm not too fussed, the guitar sounds amazing even without the pickup, and i dont really think the amplification would benefit the sound, but i think i should have the capability i paid for. Any ideas?
dont think there would be a button. Amp doesnt matter, might not sound good but it would work if the pickup was working.

Doubt there would be a mechanical stop, silly thing to do really.

4 it is! unless you can see anything inside the guitar that isnt plugged in...
number 1... any amp will work with an acoustic-electric.
number 2... there shouldn't be an "On" button.
number 3... the battery on a preamp isn't being used unless there is a lead plugged into the guitar.
it is most likely 4.

there's one thing i'll recommend you check before you take a walk though... you may have already tried this, but i wanted to be sure:

use your electric guitar to make sure that your amp is functioning properly. then plug your acoustic-electric into the amp. turn the amp on and make sure that you have the volume on your preamp on the guitar and the amp turned up. can you hear anything through the amp?

i ask you to do this because it's always a possibility that the little battery indicator light could be burned out. it's not very likely, but it's worth checking out.
Nope, no sound, looks like i'm going to have to give them a ring and take the walk.

Thanks Guys.
Hello, i am Huub from the Netherlands, and i found out that the LED in a Shadow LC4 guitar preamp, is a low battery indicator.

M.vr.gr. Huub.