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so how do u think i can get the best deal for a dual recty outside of GC?

Craigslist or Ebay
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Quote by pmeg568c
i saw a demo of the road king on youtube last night and i was AMAZED at how versatile it was. the dude was playing a strat and went from crystal clear, to SRV overdrivish to a near flawless ac/dc tone then some vintage distortion sounds to some awesome metal stuff.

Sorry to bump an old thread, but any chance could someone link the video to me please?

would be greatly appreciated (Y)
why not start your own thread. i appreciate you being polite. if you are looking for a rec mesa, i am very impressed by my tremoverb. yes the road king is better, but i laid out $700. not multiples of that.

the guy who typed that is probably long gone. at least i haven't seen him and i am a regular.
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alright "king of the guitar forum"

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nope i am "GOD of the guitar forum" i think that fits me better.

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youre just being a jerk man.

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