Slime were probably the most popular REAL german punk band, they were formed in 1979 in Hamburg, in 1980 they published their first single, it was called "Bullenschweine", which means as much as "pig" as an insult for cops, because the lyrics included passages about building bombs and such things it is just allowed in a censored version. In 1981 they published their first LP with songs like "Bullenschweine", "Polizei SA-SS" or "Deutschland", these three songs are maybe the most famous ones, because they were all cesored and it was forbidden to play them, today "Deutschland" is allowed again.
Songs like "Polizei SA-SS" or "ACAB" were the great hymns of streetfights with the police. After a lot of their concerts the fans had two possibilities, either clashing with the police or with nazis.
Their following albums were not so good, but in 1993 they published "Schweineherbst" where they got back to their roots and suddenly in 1994 they broke up, because they said they have nothing more to say, but in the left political scene they are famous till today.


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