The Wednesdays are a big deal in Alabama. They're a really ****in' big deal. They could play any day of the week in any city in the state and a million kids would come out. No ****. They used to tour around all the time and even toured with this band called Dillinger Four once. But now they play once or twice a year in Huntsville, AL or their hometown Florence, AL. I've seen them a buncha times and every time I see them my mind gets blown again and again. It seems like all the older people I've talked to in my travels had heard of them and would usually say to me "wow that's crazy, that Wednesdays show I saw back in like '98 was one of the craziest ****ing punk rock shows I've ever seen in my life, their bassist climbed onto the ceiling and hung upside down for two songs, their amps blew up like 3 times and they were still tighter than any band I've ever seen before that or since". When you see them now they're still as intense. Their bassist is at least 35 years old and has 2 kids and I saw jump 10 feet down off of a ledge/seperating wall the last time they played here with the goodnight loving. Also, their music is simply incredible. Maybe it's something about being from Alabama that makes it so mesmerizing but the melodies that are steeped in the backwoods churches of North Alabama where they all grew up and the guitars are just as fierce as any punk band could ever hope for.

Check out this discription of them that I found on their myspace:

If you go back into the dark foothills of the Appalachian Mountains and listen to the lonely wail of an old freight train, you will hear the roots of the Wednesdays. There are guns, there are bombs, there are riots in the street, and on the T.V. sets of America discord thrives like a rabid wolf. There has never been world peace. There has never been spiritual peace. Mothers cry for children. In Deep South Alabama the circle goes unbroken. Within this all, there is a fire. The Wednesdays are three brothers from Dixie pounding out rhythms like a thousand coal mining hammers. Alabama. The Old South. Home of the burning church. The land of corn, crows, bibles, and bullets. There are no heroes, there is only music. It is a Fire.

as much as myspace sucks it's the only place I could find with their music online.

My favorite two on there are Alabama's Midnight Skies and You Cannot Fail.

That's fan-freaking-tastic
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Very very good!
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I like them, a lot. I could definitely see them touring with D4. Is there any way I can get their music, preferrably from the intarwebz?
^ send me a tape. Not to the address on Asa Nisi Masa #3. It's

David Hale
3718 Battlefield Drive
Huntsville, AL 35810
Not too bad, Skeeter.

I don't like the vocals or drums, but they're perfectly acceptable for a bunch of Americans.

They're like a cross between Alkaline Trio and good ol' fashioned n*gger music.