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So i bought this guitar on eBay, an Epiphone Les Paul Black Beauty, and its pretty sweet. I noticed though that the truss rod cover on the headstock is blank (just black). isn't the cover supposed to say something like "custom" or something?

Could this be a fake guitar?

Sorry if i posted in the wrong thread or made some other noob mistake.
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how many holes has the cover got?

I cant remember who many its meant to have to be a fake..
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The guy probably just lost it and replaced it with another one. If everything else seems legit I wouldn't worry too much. I think people -should- have a lot better to do than make a fake guitar of a fake guitar, but you never know...
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Quote by hell_monkey
the truss rod cover's got 3 screw holes in it..but that's right for epiphones right?

Yup that's right. Guess he must have lost original cover.
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I purchased a 2000 Epiphone Les Paul Standard Bass. Ebony. Original hard shell case. Both near mint. One issue, it has the incorrect truss rod cover. Only has two holes, plain black. It should have three and saying Les Paul Standard. I've them that fit the 6 string but can't seem to find one for the bass. Have checked eBay and several guitar repair centers.
Can any one help?