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Our band plays everything in Eb or drop Db...sounds fine and eliminates retuning during gigs.
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Best band for bass 1/2 step down would be 'protest the hero', but if you go on the advanced page next to the search bar, you can search by tuning to see a load of bands that use the half step tuning.
You know what would be really sweet? Having a beautiful bird inlaid around the first fret, taking a majestic dump with airborne droppings around the 5th, 7th, 9th frets and so on, with a graceful impact around the 22nd-24th.
If you get an acoustic guitar capo it will work good on a bass, i mostly keep mine tuned to d standard and capo it for Eb and standard
Shouldn't this thread be closed? It's five years old.
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Just remember that there are no boring scales, just boring players.


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I think I read something on here where someone said that Eb standard is really the strat tuning. as in it was the tuning that made a strat sound best.

edit: just realized this in the bass forum
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Shouldn't this thread be closed? It's five years old.

why does it matter? I guarantee if someone would've made a "what are some songs in ___ tuning" there'd be people saying "use the search function, this thread gets made every other week" blah blah blah.
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