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hello everyone,i have used this site for years but only recently dove into the forums for information. peace, love and light (~);}

Shall we go, you and I while we can?...Through the transitive nightfall of diamonds.
Hey guys, welcome to UG! I hope you enjoy it!
What would we do without guitars?
Hi all! i registered some timeago but im new to the forums, so hi! i uploaded some tabs last year and some more will come shortly

Hi, everyone. My name is Goblinz or you can call me Gobz or what ever really. I'm new to the community and recently took up playing again after what was basically a 4-5 year hiatus. I forgot most everything, but a personal revelation brought me back to music with a renewed sense of creativity. So i'm a basically a noob again, just with pretty decent coordination and muscle memory.
Hello All -- I'm 37 and have been playing electric guitar since I was 12. I'm still pretty mediocre though even given the years of experience. I used to be more active in music since having my two kids (7 months and 3 years old). I still get in playing whenever I can, and hopefully they'll pick up some instrument down the road to have a shared hobby.

Although many miles away, my dad and I are working on my first home build guitar... he's currently routing the rear cavity and pickup cavities (2 humbuckers), then I'm putting on some contours, then finishing. I ordered custom pickups from MJS Custom Pickups. I highly recommend MJS. Smitty is the man -- spent like 45 minutes on the phone with me to understand the tone I wanted before recommending pickups. Good man.

I'm coming here to get more involved in guitar again.