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What's up here also. I decided I would sign up on here after years of reading through different threads. Excited to gain some knowledge and spread some if possible. I am also 100 percent for music collaborations if anyone is interested in anything like that, feel free to talk to me.

I've been coming to UG on and off for a few years... now figured I'd finally make an account... Looking forward...
Hi. I have no idea how to change my embarrassingly terrible username (plz someone help).

Never used this site before.

I'm learning to pick up the bass guitar and I'm really hoping to learn whatever I can. I'm remarkably new so any advice for a beginner is particularly welcome.
rush5757I have no idea if this will work or not. I am using a PC with windows 10 to use ultimate guitar. I am an old guy, so I would like to make the font larger on the songs. I go to the edit mode, but can find how to get larger font. I have tried full screen, but that isn't much better. any help?