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Hey all! I'm learning the guitar and just starting to get some videos online. My first video is linked below. It's a very simple guitar piece, but this was the first song I learned on the guitar. I since have progressed quite a bit (working on a lot of Tallest Man on Earth, successfully!) but I wanted my first video to be something easy. Let me know any tips you have or give a comment to say hello!

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Hi everyone,
I am on UG for two months.
Four months ago, I have taken back my teen Cort guitar (70's or 80's model ?) and bought a Yamaha THR10 amp (fantastic !). I have changed the strings: Ernie Ball EB2721 Slinky Cobalt 010-046 (good harmonics !).
I am an eternal novice, but my skills improved those last months: I know my major chords, minor chords, and main 7th chords. I am improving my barre chords. I play one hour each day for four months.
And I have worked nearly 100 songs (chords). I have contributed to improve some chords on UG: I like to listen carrefully songs and improve lyrics or chords positions, or presentation.
Now I hope to improve my skills further.
Hey guys, just made this account! (Although I have occasionally lurked on here for information of guitar/amusement from time to time)
I'm 17 and have been playing guitar since age 11, but I DEFINITELY more of a rhythm guitarist than a lead player, shredder, upcoming virtuoso, etc. I am very much a gear head, and absolutely love talking with others about gear we have or aspire to have. If you want to chat, just hit me up. (I'll have threads involving gear up in the future)
[quote="Thecityinside]What's up here also. I decided I would sign up on here after years of reading through different threads. Excited to gain some knowledge and spread some if possible. I am also 100 percent for music collaborations if anyone is interested in anything like that, feel free to talk to me.
Thecityinside Awesome! what style do you play?
what's up everyone, long time lurker, just decided to officially join.

I mostly play acoustic. I have an early 80s Yamaha FG340, I play it the most. Just wanted to say hi, hoping to gain some knowledge!
Hi everyone!  New member.  I've been playing about 50 years -- did it professionally for a while but eventually got a day job and now basically play for fun.  Looking forward to learning some new things!
Yo, I'm Justin.
Play guitar, bass, and drums (before they fell out the truck on the way to a gig) 😬😬😬

I like metal, classic rock, and some my metal....despise pop artist.

🎶🎵🎶🎸 rock on!
£ it