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Hi Everyone!

I've been a member since January, I think, when I accidentally joined. They wouldn't refund my money, so here I am, lol. It seems like a great resource, but I'm such a slow learner with the lessons I'm taking, it seemed unlikely I'd be able to learn much more from here. But I might as well try anyway. I'm actually just getting back into practicing after a 6 week motivational slump. I'm hoping to be more committed to it this time. I so admire the great guitarists (and mandolin, banjo, and fiddle players) I find on instagram, and have actually found some of my current favorite bands there, but I just haven't been committed enough to imagine myself getting as good as them, so far. So, instead of having the goal of eventually joining a band, my goal is to get good enough to jam with others. My desire to learn an instrument started in Alaska, 10 years ago, while attending bluegrass festivals, where I fell in love with mandolins. Last September, I finally started taking bluegrass mandolin lessons, and then more recently, I started taking bluegrass guitar lessons too. But I love all types of music, and would like to learn some of the more popular songs and styles on guitar too.

So hello to you, and while you're at it, if you have any advice for staying motivated, and committed to practicing daily, I'd love to hear it!
divid3d Hi! Sid Criminal here. So I went looking for Weird Al's Happy Birthday, and it wasn't there. So I picked it out myself and found something that works. This is a great song to have handy, cuz everyone has a Birthday! lol
Hi I need help identifying a guitar it looks just like a les paul has all the les paul pick ups knobs and bridge the only thing different is the pickup switch is on the bottom with the knobs is made by electra has the word custom on the top of the neck
Greetings fellow guitarists,

I've been an official member of UG  since 2015, but have been using the website long before that. Lurking in  the shadow realm of unregistered users, never commenting, never rating, only reading. Even after making the account out of formality I haven't really been active in the community.

About a month ago I decided it's about time I gave something back to this loving community that has given me so much. The community that helps countless new guitar players around the globe learn and grow in their musical hobby. Helps them stay motivated and inspired through that learning curve. And I have to say it probably wouldn't have been possible for me to make a career out of  music if it weren't for Ultimate-Guitar. It's time to help others as they have helped me.

Thank you UG,
you will always have a special place in my <3.
Hey guys, often find myself looking through threads on this site and finally decided to register. Looking forward to engaging in some good discussions. 
Hi New here, havent played since i was 13, im 19 now Found my old dusty squire strat, cleaned it and changed strings Feels so good to play again!

EDIT: Im trying to make a new thread in guitar gear and accessories but nothing happends :S 
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Hello! My name is John.  Just joined but after paying for lifetime membership, can't stop the circle I'm in.  Searching for a TAB but get redirected to Free Trial Offer.  How do I look at a TAB.
Hello. I am a born again member. In this life, I would like to be referred as Dr. the Pope Esquire the Third of Mitochondria 

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I an evety characyer in this story
Hello fellow UG'ers! I'm Eric. I play bass (main instrument) and guitar, enough to put down an idea anyway.

Lately, I'm more of a collector but i have a problem. Perhaps a form of GAS. I can't keep myself from modding a perfectly good guitar that *almost* does everything i want it to do. I love a project, especially one that turns into a one-off instrument. Such is my curse.

So thanks for being a valuable resource as I gather info on upcoming projects. Keep Jammin!!
Hey, my name's Terrapin! New to UG Forums, but I've frequented the site for years looking up random chords (since I don't know how to read tab or sheet at all. Chords are easy for me and my rhythm's pretty good. Anyways!). Recently found out about the Android app and though my phone is a bit old and it runs a bit slow, it sure comes in handy!

I'm pretty familiar with how forums work. This one looks a bit more organized than most I've used, but I'll get the hang of it pretty quickly I think. Just wanted to say hey!
#11864 long metal head here. Made it a bucket list item in Jan 2017 to learn how to play. Started in early 2000's, life, jobs, kids, etc..gave up.

Back at learning. And after a few weeks of practice and lessons I am surprised how 'well' I am doing. 

I have an older acoustic, Alvarez (iirc) and I got a nice Ibanez RG 6003RG in translucent blue, Line VI Spider..My instuctor is 70, local legend but played with some famous people...dude can shred. He makes learning fun and easy to get. I am using him as an accountability partner as well, we meet once a week in the morning.

Into everyone from Led Zepplin to the Doors to Robert Randolph to Eric Clapton to Testment to Slayer! to Pantera to Muddy Waters to Body Count to STP to Peal Jam to Everclear to old Metallica to Steel Panther to to Korn to Judas Priest and I am probably the biggest Hellyeah fan there least that I know of.

Avid gun guy, cigars, running, rucking, lifting...

I will be 44 in a few days. This site/ app are amazing!

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New dude here.. I grew up around musicians, having been raised on tour with the Grateful Dead. I play TONS of percussion instruments and have fiddled with guitar my entire life, but never tried to learn. I have a Floyd Rose Electric, Squire Greg Bennett electric acoustic, an Epiphone Express Special Edition, and a Squire Greg Bennett Interceptor with Floyd Rose Tremolo.. I have mastered all the open chords as well as the transition from chord to chord.. I am moving on to Bar Chords next. I'm not trying to learn songs yet. I want to learn the chords, scales, and music theory first. In the past I always tried to learn this song or that song. I learned them, but couldn't tell you anything about what I was doing. I have a few effects pedals and a nice loop set up. I am creating as I learn. But, once I've figured out the bar chords and transitioning, I want to learn to play like a combo of Jimmy Herring, Colonel Bruce Hampton, Steve Sweeney, Warren Haynes, and of course, Jerry Garcia.
An honest tune with a lingering lead has taken me this far!!
New to the forum and relatively new to guitar - but, I've been a message board moderator on another site for 15 years with nearly 45,000 posts - and I've played in various rock, country and blues bands as a bass player for 25 years.  So, It's kind of strange to feel like a newbie, but I guess that's what I am!   Just turned 47 and want to be a more versatile musician, so adding guitar to the resume and having some fun learning a new instrument.   I've been learning through various YouTube vids and have found my bass experience helps a lot, but also is so different in some other ways I didn't expect.   Anyway,   Not sure if anyone reads these but howdy y'all.