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What's up here also. I decided I would sign up on here after years of reading through different threads. Excited to gain some knowledge and spread some if possible. I am also 100 percent for music collaborations if anyone is interested in anything like that, feel free to talk to me.

I've been coming to UG on and off for a few years... now figured I'd finally make an account... Looking forward...
Hi. I have no idea how to change my embarrassingly terrible username (plz someone help).

Never used this site before.

I'm learning to pick up the bass guitar and I'm really hoping to learn whatever I can. I'm remarkably new so any advice for a beginner is particularly welcome.
rush5757I have no idea if this will work or not. I am using a PC with windows 10 to use ultimate guitar. I am an old guy, so I would like to make the font larger on the songs. I go to the edit mode, but can find how to get larger font. I have tried full screen, but that isn't much better. any help?
Hello everyone!!! Nice to be here
"Wake me up when it's over after the ending
When the damage has all been done
I don't wanna be somewhere
Where you can watch me as I bleed
Just leave me here in pieces"
proxtos Hello Alexander! Hope you will learn a lot playing guitars this year... Just keep it up!
"Wake me up when it's over after the ending
When the damage has all been done
I don't wanna be somewhere
Where you can watch me as I bleed
Just leave me here in pieces"
Hey everyone, new member here, been running into this forum by accident looking for reviews on gear and what not and liked what I saw and decided to join. Been playing guitar off and on for awhile now, but due to some health issues....well unfortunately it's been more of the latter. Pick myself up a nice guitar for X-mas and I'm really stoked about getting back into my music and thought this would be a great place to start for present and future reference.
Well, guess I might as well post here and say hi. I'm Eliana, and I play guitar, ukulele, and piano. Kinda been stalking around here without posting for a while, and it seems like this is a really cool group of people
Hello everyone! My name is Jeff and I've been using UG for a long time so I finally decided to sign in! I play bass and just getting back to it after a long pause.
And practicing my English as well is good too!
oi my name is quinn (if ya cant tell from the username) and i picked up guitar during the month i got grounded lmao. still grounded but i've got a few songs down. also play uke and i really want to learn trumpet. any other sf bay kids here?
Hi Everyone!

I'm Adam.

A long time UG reader. It has been a while since I have taken part in a forum, but I figured I would get back in to the fun.
Hello All! Life long UG user but first time on forum. I have been playing professionally for 8 years and I'm here to help in any way I can! If anyone has questions about guitar techniques, styles, songwriting, or theory please let me know!
hi you all, first of all my name is Pierre and I am up here in Montreal Quebec Canada. Now I have to guitars and I am wondering which is better. Sigma Guitar Martin DM 4 or FENDER DG-8S NAT 6 STRING. Of course both of them are acoustic. Thanks for taking the time to answer
Thought I'd introduce myself. I'm older than dirt and have been playing guitar since forever. I'm particularly fond of David Bowie, who is someone who I can also mimic pretty well vocally.

I've been using Tabs-HD on an iPad for a few years now (I bought a lifetime membership). For the last three years or so I've been using the app every week with a regular gig I have. I've got a few points of feedback on the app that I'll post in the relevant forum, but I thought I should introduce myself here first.
Hey folks. I'm not new to UG, but I am new to the forums. I've been playing for about 8 years, but have only recently started recording my own music. I haven't "released" anything other than a quick demo I wanted feedback on and am by no means a professional. Just a guy in his bedroom that wants to make cool noises with this shiny hunk of wood. I'll probably be lurking and absorbing as much info as I can and occasionally asking for feedback on mixes and song ideas.
Hey all! I'm Winry I'm from Austin, Tx. Really excited for this forum- I'm a keyboardist looking to expand my skills on electric guitar.
hey! i've been using this site for all of my tabs, and since ive started playing guitar wayy more than i used to, i thought i might as well start posting here.
what's up?
Hey new here guys. I'm looking forward to sharing my progress with my guitar skills and discussing techniques and practice routines to achieve my goals

I'm interested primarily in the metal genre. Most notably progressive metal and black metal for its atmospheric emotional moods it can generate. I'm also into finger style guitar, which has led me to play rock guitar without a pick. Punk rock is also pretty cool for its raw emotional output.

As gar as my style of play. I'm naturally note of a solo player. I tend to be able to come up with awesome melodies and such. I also love putting together creative chord progressions and playing rhythm. I've already put some songs together and I switch between rhythm and solo during he songs, I also sing as well. Right now I'm just working on my voice and starting to become more comfortable with singing in front of others with my full voice.

I do not play without a pick lol. For me its just easier. Anyway, just glad I took the first step today.