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rosaann My musical focus is wider, but mainly I listen rock and heavy metal... such as Iron Maiden, Manowar, Alice Cooper, ZZ Top, Paramore and many more. Sometimes I listen also to jazz (ex.Ron Carter) or old pop classics. From bands you´ve mentioned, I adore Pink Floyd. 
Hi to whoever's reading. 

I'm Alec, I'm new here :')) 

I play bass and write songs for a band that may never really happen, but I'm still hopeful. 

Literally any advice is helpful, to be terribly honest.
Hi try to spend more time for guitar   my interest is in metal  music   and playing my own feelings       so looking for inspiration  exercises tips 
hopefully  .

Wish you all the best :-)
tomas.skl I'm friends with an underclassman that can play drums and bass well, and we want to start a band but it's proving difficult to get the people we need, haha.

Not that I'll stop trying, though.
Hello all, 
Admitting that I am a newb.
About me:
I am 51
I am new to playing music entirely, let alone guitar
I am learning classical as a foundation from a teacher, but also self teaching other styles at this point
And I believe that I am slightly irritating others around me, talking about all this new stuff (well, new to me), and was hoping to find people to talk to about it on here.
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Native Tennessean guitarist here. I've been playing for five years. I'm a gear nerd and like to tinker with guitars and things.
Hello all,
I'm Mike H. from NH, and would like to thank all of you from Ultimate Guitar for the opportunity to be a part of something awesome. And thanks to all forum members for their support and dedication to music.
Hi everyone!
Just joined the forum! Looking forward to hanging out with similar minded people!
Hello here but have read alot of stuff. Hope to help and learn with everyone.
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Does anyone know if there is a ukulele specific forum? I saw an electric guitar, acoustic/classical guitar, and bass guitar forum but no ukulele forum. Thanks in advance.
Hello, name is Nick. Here to learn and help when i can. Send a friend request and talk music with me.
Does anyone have anything to say on black winter vs distortion pickups? I have em both and can't really hear much difference at all.