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Hi all. I'm new to the forum. Based in the UK. I've just started playing my guitars again this week after almost 20 years of not touching them. My equipment is pretty basic and all from the mid 1990s, minus my accoustic, which is an Italian made Eko from the 1960s. I have a Fender Jag-stang (the forgotten Kurt Cobain designed guitar) and a Squier Strat. Not much in terms of effects and amps, just an old Zoom 40-40 and a 15w Park Marshall amp, which I can't get to work (separate post in the gear and equipment forum). I have a lot of questions, so am likely to be on here quite a bit!
Hey! I'm new here. I just picked up guitar a few months ago because I am an aspiring songwriter. I found this website while searching for music to get started with. :P
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Check out the new album by Off the Beaten Path called The Winds of Change... it is only $6.90 per album! If enough people check this out I may be able to post a tab of some of the songs so you can all play along to it
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Hello All! My name is Wesley and I'm twenty-nine years old. I've been playing guitar off and on for awhile...well, since I was a teenager but I never got great at it. I did get pretty decent with chords and doing some covers of some Chevelle songs. That was back when I was deployed in Iraq when I was in the U.S. Army, in the Infantry! Anyways, I'm out of the Army now and I just picked up another guitar. It's a second hand Squire Telecaster, which I just think is the most awesomeness looking guitar....besides Les Pauls! lol My buddy of a long time gifted me an older amp, which is quite a big amp. It's a Peavey TKO 75, which I don't know much about but It still rocks! He also gifted me a Boss Metal Zone pedal MT-2 which I just can't get dialed in right but I'll figure it out. If anyone has any comments on my gear just hit me up and let me know. I accept all criticism. Anyways, thanks for reading all this and I hope to get to meet and talk with all of you in the forum which I plan on using a lot. I made a commitment with myself that I would practice at least an hour every day for five days out of the week. So, if anyone wants to get a hold of me and talk shop, would be greatly appreciated. Again, thanks for reading this long friggin Intro. 
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Hey there!
My name is Matthias, i am 25 years and live in Munich, Germany.
I  started playing guitar almost 2,5 years ago and since i started i got absolute crazy about playing guitar, trying to play as much as possible. I played  a bit of Jazz and i really enjoy to play Blues/Bluesrock. I'm pritty excited to be a part of this whole community and i am looking forward to get you known better and grow musically with you
Proud to be a member of the family!

43 year old male with some physical problems and no history of musical knowledge myself or even in the family. (Stepfather - recent addition - excepted). This is day 17. So far I have considered general violence or self-mutilation in response to this frustrating (beyond words) experience.