I love this guys music and composition skills.
For those who dont know he does songs for games such as Final Fantasy.

Basically I'm going to try and "copy" his style. Well not copy, but write stuff of a similar style.

Are there any tips of going about this ??

So far I'm looking at his tabs [guitar pro for keyboards n others]
All I have thought of so far is looking at how he harmonises and if there is any repetitive use of sequences of intervals etc.

Any ???

--- oh and don't tell me to learn theory, I'm already doing that.
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Learn to read music.
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I've always wondered this too. I'm just replying to subscribe to know when there is an answer.

Me too.

I've looked at his music before, couldn't find key similarities between the pieces sadly.
I think his style is more over the entire peices in a game, rather that individual peices. He uses the same little 'themes' in a lot of his peices, to tie them all together, for example the 'eyes on me' theme from FF8 is used in a lot of the peices from that game. He also ties in some themes between multiple games. I know the tune from the peice 'the oath' from FF8 comes up in FF9, I can't remember if it's in FF10 or not though, and there's a little tune in the ending themes from the games that appears in a few of them.

I don't really know how to describe his style for individual peices, the only word I can think of at the moment is awesome
i love nobuo, i think its safe to say without his music some of the FF games would just be above average rpg's with good stories. but his music really pulls you in, what he does is amazing.

now on to your question, the best answer i can give you is to do a score analysis. go over his music and analyze how each piece is written, analyze the chords, intervals and voice leading (because there is a LOT of it)

to tell you "nobuo does this and that" is alot like saying "metallica writes in minor keys" while it is true, its not the entire extent of what they do and just writing a song in a minor key will not make you sound like them (metallica). so telling you that nobuo uses lots of 6th/7th, chord inversions and keys changes would be just the tip of the iceberg to actually writing music like him.

if you're gonna have a musical hero, that guys one of the best imo.
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He keeps his music fairly repetitive and simple; basically, catchiness is key. Remember, "catchy" doesn't mean shallow or thoughtless. Catchy music can be just as beautiful as the most harmonically complex of compositions.
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ascend to heaven.. bring a tape recorder.

a lot of it is more on the symphonic side. if you want stuff along the lines of one winged angel try listening to eternal tears of sorrow, or older nightwish. blind guardian could offer some insight as well. also might want to get into some classical music, ive been doing the same as you to better understand my style of music. ive been listening to stravinsky's rites of spring and carl orff's o furtura lately, they have a more.. best term 'agressive' style that is associated with symphonic metal.
Go listen to the bands he cites as influences I notice they really do bleed through a lot in his music. Certainly elements of Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple and Rush come to mind, aside from the obvious classical elements. Also I would study his pieces, trying to identify the techniques he uses to evoke different emotions. In my opinion his immense song writing skills are a reflection of his appreciation of many forms of music.
i hate to be that guy, but i'm going to tell you exactly how to get where you want to be.

you need to study things like composition and orchestration extensively to be reliably able to make music in his style. not to mention study his work, but that one's a given.

it's a lot of work, and, frankly, it's a lot more than emulating his style unless you're already very well experienced in composition, orchestration, etc. this is not to say that it can't be done, but it's a lot more involved than writing a few riffs or chord progressions on guitar.

listen. learn. analyze. without the conscious study it's almost impossible to get it out of the pipe dream stage. good luck.
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What AeolianWolf said. You really need to study the orchestral instruments (and orchestration in general)

Nobuo Uematsu is self-taught by the way. That might inspire you
The thread is six years old.

But yeah, to "copy" somebody's style, you need to use your ears, not tabs. And theory knowledge will help.
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