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Guys, try Uncle Acid and the Deadbeats. Really good band.

I've heard of them before, thought they were like on Oi band or something for some reason.
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when I die of a brain aneurysm I want it on record that its the film threads fault

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Movies are all bad every last one of them

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Alas, Stonerobixxx has fallen prey to the totalitarian copyright pigdogs.

Good news though: I've found that the Wayback Machine is able to unearth the full site circa 2011. I'd suggest you all get any business you might have with that site done now.
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I'll be honest here. I've pretty much come to the point that Kyuss fulfill any and all of my stoner rock/metal needs I may have.

Yet, this band managed to amaze me. Quite unlike anything I've ever heard. Vocals do remind me of modern Amebix, which not a bad thing at all for me. Give them a try.
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Advaitic Songs sucks hard. I've been mulling it over for awhile now and I can't come to any other conclusion.

God Is Good at least had a few good moments, in fact I think I liked it more than Pilgrimage overall, but Advaitic sounds like watered down Tool trying to be Om pseudo-middle eastern bullshit.

In other news, Orange Goblin's first two album have been repressed in a limited run. I think they both have 3 color options, Frequencies coming with a bonus 7 inch and Time Traveling Blues with a bonus 10 inch. I'm probably going to go for the orange versions of both if I can.

Frequencies 7 inch track list:
Aquatic Fanatic (Demo)
Saruman's Wish (Demo)

Time 10 inch track list:
Nuclear Guru (Man's Ruin Version)
Hand of Doom
Black Shapes of Doom
Blue Snow (Live)

They need to do this shit with The Big Black too.
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Advaitic Songs sucks hard. I've been mulling it over for awhile now and I can't come to any other conclusion.

I think State of Non-Return is a good song, but I agree that the rest of the album is shit.

also, your comparison to Tool reminded of how awesome a song reflection is.
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