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dude doing the imitation was missing the 30 fans blowing his hair back
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Hail killed MT

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I want to be Hail when I grow up.
Not sure if he had 30 fans in his David Lee Roth days. Some of his finest work was on Eat 'Em And Smile. Man, Stevie Vai is so good. Here's the track. He got the air guitar solo bang on. That vid above was during the ZPZ tour.
i'd rather hear 30 fans running in that track than steve vai

he was so good till he tried writing his own music
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Hail killed MT

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I want to be Hail when I grow up.
hy i am grey hopper i ma new usuer in this forum He was just better than me and I felt a bit silly I guess. I did think his runs where a bit mushy sometimes, but I might have been projecting.
Guess I'm not dead yet. Clearly I havent been here for a while.... the profile thingymajig still says mp3's... can we put our songs back up? Or can everyone else put stuff except me again? Rascist bastards...
Can someone help me out? I have a Marshall MG 100 FX head and the tone knobs (Gain, Bass, Middle, and Treble) aren't working at all. It's obviously not the greatest amp in the world but I don't have a lot of money, any help to fix this problem is much appreciated, thanks.
So I decided I was going to setup a little home recording studio and needed a mic for recording my guitar. I asked my dad if he had a spare on, or possibly a condenser mic so he hands me a really old looking Sennhieser mic that he thought was a condenser mic as it does look like one.

I brought it home set it up recorded a few times and was impressed with the sound and clarity. So I started to do some research..

I didn't realize this was a Sennheiser MD 441 $900 mic that is still in production today and held in high esteem.

Needless to say it made my day!