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Quote by RCalisto
i liked the song. i really did.
i didn't understand where the FMJ thing started and ended though
was it that part where it got really quiet?
It's just a section of soundtrack inserted in.

It starts earlier on you might hear Leonard say "Hi Joker" Joker saying "Are those, live rounds"... and Leonard's response "7 6 2 millimeter full metal jacket"

The first section ends shortly after that.

Then the middle section where the trumpets and main theme are left behind for an exploration of ideas in F°7 and you can hear the exchange develop as the they discuss being in a world of shit.

Then everything jumps back in for a couple of bars as we head towards the end while Leonard goes through his gun drill "Left Shoulder huh! etc etc This is my rifle....blah blah."

Then the Drill instructor enters. So yeah the FMJ stuff is present throughout most of the piece and can be first heard shortly after my corny "Making Sense of Chaos" introduction. You can hear the odd click of bullet into magazine but I mostly decreased the volume of the track between the dialogue in the first section so you could hear the dialogue but it wasn't too distracting.