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Yo Yall. Is this the right place to find out how to get a Tab Pro tab printed? There seems to be no print function that I can find at all on a tab page.
Oh, my apologies for my earlier thread. You can delete it now if you wish. I didn't know the true purpose for this thread.

Anyways, could someone make a powertab for "Come Together" by Soundgarden? That would be awesomezorz! Please and thank you.
Thank you #21! Tim Duncan!!!
Ask in main tab talk forum please.
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Ask in main tab talk forum please.

My apologies. I made a thread and it got no views and I seen the first post on this thread and I figured this is where my request belonged in the first place and now I'm wrong again. Again, I'm sorry for the confusion.
Thank you #21! Tim Duncan!!!
Wrote a chart with at least a chord above every lyric line in the correct place. The chart was rejected due to me supposedly not putting a chord above each line. This is preposterous!!!!!!!!! I am very meticulous about that sort of stuff!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Who rejected this chart? It makes me very angry that you would allow someone to come along and reject a chord chart that is done within all the boundaries that you have established!!!!!!!!!! What's going on?
Hello ! I could really use some help to find the chords of this cover, none of the tabs are similar to what he does...

0:34-> Ab-A... and what's next?
I know the ref. but the bridge is a mistery for me.
please help with that

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Hello to everyone here!

Let me introduce you to a free Android application TabWriter! My friend and I launched it on google play market recently and are still developing and improving it.

Idea is very simple. You can play any melody on your guitar, and our application will try to recognize the notes you played and automatically convert them to guitar tabs in real time. After that you can edit any parts of the tabs you want, and share it with friends.

To find the application, just search for "TabWriter" on google play market.

Currently, TabWriter only supports single toned melodies, and the transcription may not be 100% accurate. Please, play loud, clearly and slowly for better results.

What do you think about this? Should we continue to work on it? Any feedback is highly appreciated
Hey there,

Can't seem to find anything vaguely resembling a tab for this and have zero chance of being able to decipher it myself.

Mainly just the intro I'm interested in.

Thanks in advance,

This thread is about converting different formats.
Please post in main tab talk forum.
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emad I'm gonna ban you, seriously.
Can anyone help me figure out what chords she's playing? It looks like a simple 4 chord progression with capo on 2 but I'm a beginner so I can't figure it out and her hand is a little blury
You'll get the proper reply if you post a new thread in the main tab talk forum
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emad I'm gonna ban you, seriously.
I would love to somehow get my money back, I selected to get one month for free and it has only been a week and I had $4.50 AUD taken out of my debit card!! I'm really upset and disappointed in this because I really needed to use that money to get an 18th birthday gift for my partner and now I don't have enough!

Please if anyone could help me with this or reaching out to customer support because all i seem to find is FAQ's on the support site and thats annoying.

Any help would be amazing!

Have a great day!

Requesting this tab in .gp5 form.
can you please convert this to .gp5?
Requesting this tab in .gp5 form:
Hello. I'm sorry for disturbing you all, but I'm a very young member of UG-family. And I found here 17 tabs of my favourite songs, but in GPX-format witch is unknown to me and I don't know how to open it at all. But I really wanna play them on my guitar. I was checking the forum and found that post there. So, maybe somebody of you all can help me with it? I found that there is the way to convert it very quick in standart Guitar Pro 5 files, right? If so, then here's the link:
The songs:
Dark Tranquillity - Not build to last, The mundane and the magic
Device - You think you know
Darkseed - The fall
Devin Townsend - Save our now
Fear Factory, Pain and even the Verve.



this ^ to GP5 any kind soul please