So I found this electric guitar advertised - Ibanez s300 they want $300 for it..

I havent gone to look at it yet - I will - the only thing is since i havent heard of it, and I cant find it by searching - wanted to know if anyone knows anything about it. Or if you have one??

Just dont want to get ripped off.
the reason why you cant search it because there is no such thing as s300. It means it's an s3xx series. And the only s300 series I know is s320.

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and USD is equal to how much in US dollars?

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The S320 is one, but the s 370 and 350 were much older models.
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ok well i went and got it, i kinda fell in love with it when i met it...

but it had some belt rash so i made him part with it for 250..

it dosent look like the s320 - like its got the wood finish, but its got a few different parts.. i'll post up a pic tomoro and see if anyone has any ideas...

good stuff thanks for the replies
There is an Ibanez S300 but it's an acoustic. A fine guitar for the money. Mine cost about £100 new around 1980.
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Inb4 lock... I'm kind of sad OP never delivered pics. I want to see what this thing was. =/

Smoothie Juson, no one was looking at this thread. The only reason we see it now is because you bumped it up from wherever the hell you found it to the top of the forum.
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Yes. I. Know. (Are the periods compulsory on this forum?)
But you never know who's watching. You were. ;-)

Not compulsory, but ranked, as with most forums. You necroposting doesn't really help anyone, as the issue is likely resolved, but does rank the thread at the top of the pile. I read many threads, I don't always comment. Still, necroposting isn't really helpful, so next time just post a new thread if you don't find something you're looking for.