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Well, you have to first make sure you sit comfortably, so that there's no tension being caused by simply holding the guitar and your posture. That takes a while to get used to. The next thing is to make sure all your movements are as small and relaxed as possible. That means not letting your pinky curl up when playing, never exerting more pressure than you need to, and no extraneous movement at all.

One thing I'd recommend is not doing any string bending for a while, as it's very physically difficult and tough to do with any degree of looseness.

Also, this may seem a bit drastic, but perhaps invest in lighter strings and lower action.

Just to let you know that you are not alone in your situation. I also have pain in my left hand and that, for now 2 years. I have visited 3 doctors, 2 physiotherapists (which have helped a lot) and many other weird peoples :P

Last summer I was unable to touch guitar at all. After many sessions of stretches im now able to play 15-30 min a day. What I do is after I play guitar I stretch right away. I have found that it helped me a lot.

I will now order thoses two books which guitarMunky talked about. I will also try to change my posture and to practice slower like FreePower shows in his youtube vids. Btw FreePower I think that you are a genius! :P Ill watch all your vids and take as much as I can out of them. It would be great if they'd convinse me to start over slower since I know that its the most efficient way to practice but ohhhwwww that'd be hard.

Anyway, good luck and I hope we will both work this out soon.
i have 42-9s on already, with a low action..
i havent really been doing any bending either, all i have done while playing is figured out the intro to insurrection by trivium, and jammed out a few times to that..

but i have noticed that i have alot of tension while doing the fast downpicking stuff..
could that be the cause?

i dont think i have alot of tension in my fretting hand, but i will definately work to make sure there is none at all..

also to renz777- sorry to hear you also are in this situation... how much does it suck hey. not being able to do the thing you love so much..
what stretches do you do btw?
uh that'd be hard to explain ..

I am streching the forearm pulling my fingers downward with my palm facing up then facing down. There is also a stretch where I lay my palm down on the table with fingers facing toward me.

Thoses help a lot. I also use some low weight dumbells to reinforce the forearm.

But as I said it helped but did not resolve completely the problem. Maybe someone has faced the same situation and has solved it?
oh ok, my physio that i went to at the start of the year gave me ones where it was kinda like a praying sorta thing?? like pushed my palms together.

i do dumbells too, he also gave me a resistance band to strengthen the muscles, but i havent got into that yet.

im really thinking about giving the physio thing another go.
im sick of this

yea i havent been told of anyone getting rid of it for good i dont think...
any one wanna share some stories??
Heh im kind of tired of paying for stuff that doesn't help me. I'll try out those books with the "Freepower method" of playing without tension. I'm convinced I can resolve this by myself since it doesn't hurt while not playing guitar. I

I have the resistance band too which I never used. I think its pretty much the same thing as the dumbells.
you should ask your doctor about that but your tension is probably too high on your guitar. go to your nearest guitar store and ask them for help.
not at all, go ahead

uhmm im slowly getting back into playing btw, still too much tension especially in my picking hand while doing fast down picking, and alternate picking..

while ur here lol, how do i go about changing this?
You have to go through what makes you tense really slowly and remove all the bad habits that are making you tense when you do that.

So, take fast down picking. See if you can spot what it is makes you tense up - ie, do you try and go too fast? Use too much pick? Make too large a movement? Tense up your shoulder (very common)?

When you find these bad habits, correct them by practicing and making sure you're doing it right, no matter how slow you go. That pretty much applies to every technique there is.
well yes i am trying to play fast stuff.. and i think the problem is tensing up in my shoulder and forearm..

so basically i just have to slow it down, so that there is no tension at all and then speed it up gradually?

sounds easy enough..
yea it never is easy.. ill just try my best tho.
so i can get through this crap haha

ok will do mate,
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