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the soft songs, or all of Opeth you consider prog rock?

one of those answers is horribly wrong
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nah i meant all of their soft songs (like the damnation album)

i consider most opeth prog death metal/ extreme prog metal
ok, you've got the right idea then
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Autumn's Ablaze - Primordial

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Just wanted to add my two cents with a couple of sad songs. I didn't see the songs I'm thinking of on the thread, but I didn't read the bloody huge thing in the first place.

Avenged Sevenfold- So Far Away

Slipknot- Snuff

So Far Away brought a tear to my eye, and Snuff is just plain sad.

For Slipknot, you could maybe add Vermilion Pt. 2, but I don't feel sad listening to it. Honestly, I just get bored.

Seize The Day by Avenged isn't necessarily sad, but I don't get super happy listening to it, either.

Just my two cents. Aaaaaaaaaanywho, I got places to be and people to see.

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Way to necropost... and those bands are about as devoid of real emotional content as my cold dead heart.

Now Lumbar, an autobiographical album about a dude suffering from multiple sclerosis... now that's fuqing sad.
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Pallbearer's cover of gloomy sunday is pretty depressing.

As for an original song, Prison of Mirrors by Xasthur is a depressing song.
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i mean, most of those guys don't even post here anymore.
Nevermore has a lot of sad songs

The Sorrowed Man (godly lyrics)
Sentient 6
Dreaming Neon Black
The Heart Collector
She Comes in Colours
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I don't know how this thread was even found after four years and 361 days (leap year), but now it's an interesting topic on the first page.

Do we want to restrict ourselves to songs that qualify as metal? By this, I mean that an acoustic ballad by doesn't count, even if the band is typically metal. I like this plan, because it makes us have to reconcile the truly sad with the kickass nature of metal music. (I would allow for something semi-calm like Wasting Love, which I thought was a great selection a few pages back, or Fade to Black.)

I'm Jewish: Angel of Death.
A7X- I wont see you tonight, So Far Away

Pantera- Cemetary Gates, This Love

Metallica- Fade To Black

Dream Theater- The Answer Lies Within, These Walls

just to name a few
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Sabachthani - Josephine Sleeper: (4th song)

Not just depressing/gloomy, but utterly sad.


My Dying Bride - Two Winters Only

Another kind of sadness, and a damned sad one at that.

Just trying to break the pattern of thrash/heavy metal band's softer songs and Agalloch + Warning Not that they aren't damned great as well!

Man! Forgot about My Dying Bride. That takes me back. How about True belief -- Paradise lost?
All those bands that sound like Insomnium should just be called "melodic sad metal".

Case in point:
Wolfheart - Gale Of Winter

Be'lakor - The Dream And The Waking

Omnium Gatherum - Who Could Say

Before The Dawn - Deadsong
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