A friend just gave me some lyrics she wrote, and I thought it would be a cool surprise to put them to music for her. Does anybody know how to add guitar chords to a song???
These are the lyrics -
Verse 1:
There’s no words to describe the way you make me feel inside.
Nothing I could say to explain.
How you’ve taught me to throw away my pride and I should never love in vain
How I’d always feel safe with you
But in your eyes I’d be the stranger,
What can I say?

You’re all I am
All I’ll ever be
Everything you are
Is all I’ll ever be?
No, you don’t even know my name
You’ll never see my face
But a night that I’d forget you is a night I’d fall from grace
Yeah I’ll always love you baby
But you’ll never see my face

Ill hold up my picture and kiss those lips once more
Like I’ve already done a thousand times
I’ll imagine you feel my touch somehow
And come drop my worries out the door tonight
Now they say fairytales can’t come true.....but that’s what I call you

Chorus again

I’ll turn the TV down and just watch you sing
The lullaby I hear every night
I’ll imagine your listening right now
Maybe I’ll meet you in my dreams tonight


Now they say fairytales can’t come true...but that’s what I call you…

I would want to play this on an acoustic, using standard tuning. Can anybody help me out with this????
uh, well i sing my lyrics to myself and try to find the chord that fits they key im singin in, or i write chords first then sing the lyrics to the chords
You just make up chord progressions and type them above the lyrics. Like 1 4 5 is always good. Or 1 3 5. Try something that flows good. Like C#m goes well with E A and B, but not much else. Just play chords in a random order until you find a tune you lke. But if you actually want someone to write chords for you, I guess you could PM me and I could see what I could do.
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you should play it with major and minor barre chords if you want it done fast if you got some time try it with 7,9,11,sus,aug etc.(you know add some flavor{IF YOU HAVE ALOT OF TIME play a melody for the chorus})
sounds like she likes u... ...jk...yeah if u have a way to sing it set, just experiment a line at a time with different chords and strum patterns, but if u don't just find the right singing speed & pitch 4 it first
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write the melody down as notes (you will have to make up a melody for the voice). and from there you can see what chords have those notes. there are many chord progressions you can choose from...
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Are you still looking? I made my own for your song. I wanted to see what you came up with.