I want to buy a resonator/steel/slide guitar, something to slide on

I want the CHEAPEST resonator possible, quality is not an issue, but I want a standard(ly?) designed one. Anyone got any ideas?

Much appreciated =]
You could check out Johnson (by Sonjing of China) They make fake Dobro's as well as phoney Nationals. They should indeed be the cheapest possible resonators. The quality may surprise you. They look real from some distance and they even sound and feel quite passable.
Well you could always go with a rouge (sp?) They sell lots of really cheap guitars that in all honesty are actually decent quality. I don't know if the make resonators though.
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im pretty sure they sell starter packs for these, i imagine that those would be pretty cheap so look for one
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I really wonder if those are not exactly the same as these:

Most probably also from the same factory but cheaper still;
And these are playable; well...sort of.

Now if you think you can escape Sonjing guitars by spending more money, try buying an Ibanez.
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Fender makes a fairly inexpensive resonator which sounds pretty darn goood

Thread necromancy!

I've been thinking about buying a resonator guitar.
So far I've been playing pure electric and thought an acoustic would be nice. However, I don't really like the size of dreadnoughts.

Also I really like the kind of blues usually played on resonator guitars, especially the slides.

There is sadly not much choice where I live, these are the resonator guitars offered here:
- Cort CR-10RN
- Soundstation (various models)
- Johnson (various models)

To top that, availability in stores is usually limited to one type of Johnson. And I don't really trust Johnson, I'd rather choose Cort.

Does anyone have experience with the above mentioned guitars?
Anyone knows the dimensions of the Cort CR-10RN? Can't find any info on that.
I've had one of the Rogue "Bell Brass Resonator" guitars for about two years. About 300 bucks from Musician's Friend if you watch the sales.
I have found it to be a wonderful bargain. It looks terrific; the finish on the all-brass body is terrific. The instrument came set up nicely; the action high enough for slide playing but still "finger-able". If you wanted to play straight fingerstyle you'd likely want to lower it a bit.

Sounds great....Sounds like a resonator guitar. No, it's not a National, but for under a third the money it's a really good entry-level instrument.

As far as these instruments go, you have to decide a few things. First, metal or wood body. The metal body is traditional for blues playing, the wood bodied "hound dog" guitar more used for country and bluegrass.
Flat-neck models are designed for lap playing, round-neck models for conventional playing.

Fender makes several with on-board electronics. Bob Brozman (slide master) recommends a quality microphone.
Thanks for telling your experiences

As for the choices: the metal-bodied ones are a bit over the limit + I don't even know the brands (actually, I know Johnson, didn't hear too many good critics about it).
For now, the Cort seems to be the bast choice plus it's discounted by 20% currently.

I do intend to slide on it, but also play some finger style too.