Rhoads Body shape, 24 fret, 25" scale ZIRICOTE fretboard, XJ frets, duel action truss rod (4mm adjusting) 5 piece maple, mahogany, and walnut neck. NO inlays, only white side dots. ESP style headstock. Locking black tuners.

Body is quartersawn african mahogany with a bubinga veneer. 2 volumes, no tone, 3 way toggle. EMG 81/60. Input jack on lower horn, at an angle. battery compartment on the back.


there is a dent next to the input jack (pictured) and there are a couple of chips in the finish around where the back plate is (chipped it while trying to make a perfect fitting back plate)

The finish is still pretty good, it has shrunk back just a bit, but still looks shiny and nice.

1025$ shipped.

Are links to youtube allowed??? IF not, go ahead and let me know. Here is the guitar being played directly into a marshall MG 50fx.




Message me with any questions.
How come in some pictures there's locking tuners, and in others, there are completely different tuners? Which ones does it come with?
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Free bump for a gorgeous guitar.
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