I went ahead and purchased one month of Pro for my son, but he cannot get most of the Pro tabs to load all of the time. For example, out of 20 Pro tab versions listed, only one version will load. I have updated our Java and Flash Player thinking that may be the issue, and we have tried all of the browsers we have installed on our PC (IE, FF, and Chrome), but still only the one version will load on all of the browsers. Are the other versions not active anymore, or is there another problem that needs fixing that we are missing? Does anyone else have this problem? It is just very disappointing. If anyone knows how to troubleshoot this, I would appreciate the advice. TIA

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Dear Julie,

Please try these simple measures, usually they would help:
- update your Flash player to the latest version
- update your browser
- log out of Tab Pro service, clear the cache, then login again

Let us know if that worked.
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Same here. Tried on every browser, all caches cleared and all browsers and flash updated. Certain tabs will not open, hangs on full load bar.
Quote by Templarum
Same here. Tried on every browser, all caches cleared and all browsers and flash updated. Certain tabs will not open, hangs on full load bar.

It's a bug indeed, certain tabs are not working the way they should currently. We're on it in order to fix the bug by the time next update is released.
You can help a lot if you provide us with the links to bad tabs.
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I see I'm not the only one with this issue. Also did everything mentioned here, and then some (including messing with some of the deeper settings in Firefox and Flash).

Still nothing working. There really seems to be no trend with the tabs, though I think it might have to do with file size.

All I know is that if I sank the money into a subscription, I would be quite upset right now and demand a refund.

I've sent bug reports, and I get the same thing back: "clear cache, reinstall flash, try again". Every time. Guys, just so you know, I'm not a retard. I've done this every single time. It is not working. Tab Pro needs to be fixed, not my browsing skills.
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Guys, can you please provide the following:

Browser version
Tabs you tried (as many as you can list)
My tab pro WAS working last time I used it on my laptop. But I see the interface has changed and now NO song loads... I mean, I get the visuals, but play, etc functions produce nothing. No movement, no sound.

Sound function working perfectly on laptop.
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Can you please tell your Browser version and your laptop's OS?
And also specify the tab please.

Waiting for your response.
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