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I currently own an Ibanez AEL 10LE and it has served me well as a starter guitar, but i am looking for something thats a step above. I need a warmer sound than my current guitar can make.

My budget is 600-700

Has to be a left handed guitar.

Currently looking into these:

-Martin DXME LH
-Takamine EG530SC
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You know, if you're a lefty, you could just re-string it upside down. Just a thought.
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The DXME is a fine instrument. I have one myself, though I have since moved onto something a little more upscale for performing. I first bought it when I got a job doing music for a summer camp program; I needed something that could stand up to a lot of outdoor use.

It handles heat and humidity marvelously. It has really nice tone (though the sustain is perhaps a little weak), bright enough for fingerstyle but not too brassy for heavy flatpicking. The electronics are good for the price.

It's not a pretty instrument; anything shiny has been left out to cut down the price. The finish will start wearing off the neck within a few months of when you start playing it, and the herringbone decal around the soundhole is easily scratched away. The logo on the headstock is showing wear where I keep the capo, too.

All that said, I still think it's unlikely you'll find a tougher, better-sounding guitar for that price.
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Not quite as simple as stringing upside down. Remembering compensation on the B string
for intonation. Also Nut groves different. Cheers
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Quote by ukeyuke
You know, if you're a lefty, you could just re-string it upside down. Just a thought.
Well, if this was to be a POS from the Walmart toy section, perhaps.

For a $700.00 instrument, don't even suggest it.