I'm not a fan of screamed vocals, so I'll leave them for someone else to crit

The clean vocals are really good though, and the instruments all sound excellent. The guitars are heavy as ****! The riff at around 1:40 is really sick haha. The mixing is excellent, and overall it's a pretty damn solid song. I certainly can't find anything to fault

Nice work dude!
Thanks, man! I can definitely understand not liking the screaming, it's an acquired taste!

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Screams are pretty good, i think they might be a little too low and heavy for the instrumentals in the beginning, but after the clean chorus they seem to fit right in.

The clean singing is amazing, i'm a huge fan of the last part of the song.

Instrumental-wise, i'm pretty impressed. Original writing style, not generic for being hardcore, good and heavy.

Where are you guys from?
Thanks for the review! I'm not a fan of growling/screaming vocals, but I think the non-growling vocals are good (I lobby for more of those)! I like most the guitar riffs. Playing is tight. Overall audio quality is good. Drums are well done......but stop flippin' me da bird.
hey thanks for your crit.

This seems pretty good. The guitar work is especially good IMO. It gets lost to an extent in the vocals, but that comes with the territory I think. The drummer is really good is it programmed or is it a drummer? The leads at the end could have been louder that would have made me a lot happier... GW
Thanks, guys!

@Markmems, We are from Baltimore, MD.

@aNOMalyband, that is our real drummer! No triggers.

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the lives to come

I really love the track! Nice heavy and brutal feel! Everything is tight. From the drums to the vocals! I prefered the clean singing part though. Guitar riffs are amazing! The only thing that I didn't like was that imo the snare was a bit too loud. Kind of destroyed my ears. But it's the only thing I noticed about the mix, otherwise it is perfect! Really amazing song.

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alright, just started listening, the guitar sounds heavy but solid. distortion tones can be hit or miss but this sounds good. i dont have much of a background to base a critique of the vocals on. i dont listen to this type of music much but this sounds like something id hear if i did. id turn up the bass a bit in the mix, but other than that the sound quality seems to be quite good. the clean vocals sound really cliche to me in their tone, but then again if thats the style youre going for, then you nailed it since thats just my opinion and im probably not the target audience for this anyway. but yeah, turn that bass up a little bit and this is a solid track. thanks for checking out my song and leaving feedback
I have no input on screamo because i dont know whats good/bad , overall great track, the clean vocals are great and the guitar has a beautiful tone
The mixing is fantastic, and I'm really digging the guitar tone. It's tight and heavy, and fits really well within the context of the song. I can't really comment on the screaming since I don't know what's "good", but the clean vocals sound great. I'd personally love to hear some vocal harmonies on the chorus parts, but overall this is a really polished, catchy song!
The whole recording/mixing is really good! I love the guitar riffs and the tone and how it balance and fits the whole song. The overall tune is really catchy as well. When it comes to screaming, I'm not really into it so I can't give a feedback on that side.

But overall, song is top notch! Great job man! Cheers!
Hey thanks for the crit earlier today.

Awesome song! I really enjoyed 0:35, can't really tell if that's some editing magic or what, but it's really tight and makes a good transition. The singing is really good, but I caught a few warbles that sounded like auto-tune. Is it the same guy who screams?

The screams are good, but occasionally it sounds like the vocalist is running out of breath a few times and dips into a strained clean yell. But hey, it sounds good.

I like the guitar too, good tone. Glad to hear such a good mix.
Hey man, thanks for the kind words on my video overall the mix was tight! I don't like screamo and I don't listen to it. But if I had to guess I'd say it was good! Haha, The clean vocals were very nice! Great job dude!
at first i thought this was gonna be a noise rock song
then it got brutal
this stuff sounds legit, if someone said this was from a popular band, i wouldnt question it.
it also sounded really well thru my headphones. nice and loud. i liked the metal vocals over the clean vocals. but tight stuff
This is a gem to find on here. I'm a fan of I, The Breather, and this song hit hard as soon as it started up. The harsh vocals are very powerful which I really liked. The clean vocals are well-sung and have a nice tone to them. The drummer is a beast. I like the drum's tones. Bass is mixed very well. You've picked a good producer. The song isn't over-produced and still has that 'raw' feel to it, which is something I love about bands. I'm definitely downloading this. I would buy it, but i'm a bit out of money at the moment. Solid track, guys! "Choice Words" is awesome too.

Thanks for the crit!
Thank you so much for all the praise, guys You can download the song for free on our bandcamp if you like! Hit "Buy Now" and just put $0 for the price.

@EddieWan, at 0:35 the entire track is chopped up to create that effect. I wish I could say we did that on our own, but that would be incredibly difficult, haha. We have 2 vocalists, one who screams and one who sings.

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@Harlot Hero, ITB is actually from our area. My old band used to play shows with Shawn's old band (look them up on YouTube - Dead Set, Destroyer) and I played with ITB like 3 or 4 times before they got signed. Good dudes. Thanks for the download!

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the lives to come

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Cheers for the crit on my mix man! Writing as I listen, the guitars are quite bassy IMO, would try and add some crunch so they sit more prominently in the mix. Love the mix other than that. the song is very much up my street too! Love the cleans and the screams. Guitars sounds pretty complex and interesting. My only crit would be to make the guitars higher in the mix, but other than that thought it was pretty solid!
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Can't really comment much on the screams as that's not really my style, but they seemed more jarring in the beginning than later in the song... dont ask me how, but they blended more after the first chorus to my ears. Everyone in the band clearly has a lot of talent at their disposal, and good job on the writing of the instrumental parts! I'll be honest and say that a lot of this genre sounds the same to me, but i can't fault anything in this other than some screams so it must be good
the part around 3:00 is catchy as hell.

Nice heavy riffs also, they flowed pretty well together. the screamer sounds good and the singer has a really good voice.

I really like 3:45 also.

overall really good songwriting and technical skills.

If you could listen to my song, its here. https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1555577
This has never been my favourite genre in all honesty, but as it goes I quite like the song anyway. There's nothing pretentious about it, technically it's good and very tight, audible lyrics aren't silly like you sometimes get in post-hardcore, and the vocals have good conviction, good variation. I would perhaps have cut it down in length a little, personally, but it's not like it becomes a drag to listen to. I would however seriously re-think the bass sound you've gone for; that's the only thing that comes close to spoiling it. It overwhelms everything by sounding like a hand-dryer is being blown into the mic, for a lot of the time, which also obscures the different chords and thus the melody/overall tune. I'm sure your bassist is fine but I'd think about making his instrument sound much clearer and perhaps bringing its volume down in the mix.

Thanks for the feedback on my track by the way! Really appreciate it.
I am very late for this, been extremely busy, apologies chap.

I dislike screams by default, but the production quality for this is good and I know my shit when it comes to production. As the above guy said... bass... meh, but the rest of it sounds very good.

You've done a good job getting a nice stereo field.

Playing is very tight.

The screams are good. More of a bark, and not so screetchy like in a lot of similar bands. I'm not really a fan on the clean vocals, but that's just personal preference. The guitar sounds are tight, and the riffs aren't very generic, which is easy to do in that sort of style. The mixing is cool, it sounds like it would fit on a professionally recorded album, but it almost sounds like your clean vocalist is autotuned, which is kinda lame though I guess it comes with the production quality. I downloaded it, and it definitely grows on you after a few listens.

Pretty cool song, good work.

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