ive progressed a fair bit since i started but nowhere i want to be, there still along way to go, but something i want to learn and have been trying to master is doing those really fast almost hammer on pwer chords. one of my favourite bands are soad and theyre guitarist daron malakian uses this technique a fair bit especially in one of my favourite songs b.y.o.b
in the chorus he hammers on ll these power chords ina real fluid motion (its all in drop tuning allowing for easy power chords) and he manages to utilise his pinky in this. my problemis i can get the 6th 5th and 4th strings with my pointer and ring finger but as soon asi want to use my pinky or my pointer middle and pinky in combination i can only hit the 6th strings and am deaddening the other strings, is there an approach to rectify this
Don't focus on time yet, just try to make the correct sound by performing the technique cleanly and without any string noise. After you can sort of do that motion in the first place, only then begin practicing to a metronome slowly.
Just to let you know: the whole of the B.Y.O.B. chorus is picked.
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Zaphod is right. Also, it's not exactly a slow song so if you're relatively new to guitar (which i assume you are) then picking up a song like this will take a fair bit of time.
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i know but he hammers on the chords quite fast and rythmically

hammer ons require no picking. If he's picking they aren't hammers.