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If any mods feel this doesn't qualify as writing, feel free to remove it.
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Forbidden That’s all we know.

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Hey, you posted something !

Somehow, this didn't work for me. You always wrap things up quickly with simple thoughts, but this was... too simple. It's just a feeling so common that doesn't work if put on paper so bluntly.

Now what I wanted to know is the purpose of the flower. Is it a metaphor ? Maybe it symbolizes that you're just waiting to bloom in a sunny day or something. I don't know; I'm not very good at symbolisms ( and I'm not a fan of them either, especially in movies ). But could you tell what it means ? Because it does seem to have its purpose.

It's good to see you post, even though I was not a fan of this.
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I like it's simplicity. I think that being able to decipher and sum up your thoughts like that is wonderful skill.