The best one is whichever ones sounds best to you.
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Taylor 414CE
I have an eg340, and I can honestly say that I will never part with it. It plays great and sounds great, and out of the 7 guitars I own it is the one I find I play the most. I havent played the other guitar you listed, but Im sure it is also a good guitar. That being said I dont think I could buy a guitar, especially one with a significant price tag without playing it first, what works for one person, might not work for another
Well not being able to play them is a bummer. Taki doesn't list the EG361sc on its web site.
It does however list a EG360sc. So the difference is the 340 has mahogony back and sides
and the 360 has rosewood however neither of them say solid so you would have to say they are both ply. Whether the 360 is worth a couple of hundred dollars more for ply rosewood,
thats why you need to let your ears be the judge. Cheers
neither is better or worse - they're both solid top, laminate back and sides guitars. same preamp, both have a cutaway. the recordings of the EG340SC sound way better to me, but there's always a chance that has more to do with the recording process than the guitars. on the other hand, it's also cheaper, so all things being equal, if i absolutely couldn't get to a store, that's the one i'd go with.
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