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I'm looking for a program where I can write lyrics with chords over it. I don't want to have any tabs, just the text and the chords symbols over it.
So far I've only found programs like Guitar Pro where you can't delete the tabs.
I hope you can help me!

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How about... Notepad?
Or open a word doc and use Courier New as the font?

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Yeah... notepad.

Or even better A note pad.

There's always been something inspiring about using a real pen and paper for me.
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I'm trying to make an song book for campfire songs, and there are about 130 songs, which I don't want to edit each one in word. Because when I'm changing the font size for example, the whole format gets changed and I can start editing each song again.

That's why I'm looking for a program where the chords are getting fixed to the Songtext and there staying at the same place even if I change anything!
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