Hey there, me and my room mate are a Guitarist/Drummer combo. We're looking to fill in some gaps and do some house party gigs. Winter is coming up which means it's writing time, but our influences range from 90's, early punk, Prog Metal, to Between the Buried and Me, Lamb of God, Death Cab for Cutie, and Pantera. I have a 5 song album we usually play but I've doubled that since July, and we're looking for creative input with a good dedication structure. You can send me a PM, we're only 5 minutes south of Bangor


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so what do you want people to do for you?
Looking for any of your spare 12" speakers or electronic components (valves, transformers, anything!) and a Peavey Wolfgang USA. Message me!

I want your broken/unwanted gear, UK only. Message me!