If your running your guitar and bass through an UX2, does it matter what kind of output you use? Like right now I am using BX5a's and some Audio-Technica Headphones.

I was looking at getting a new amp, and I was more into modeling since I don't do gigs yet and I am more into making a cd before playing live.

But I was told by multiple sources that the VOX Valtronix is the best! I know that you don't plug Bass Guitars into a Guitar Amp, but is this the same rule as amp modeling?
I am guessing no I shouldn't play bass out it, even if its doing modeling.
Bass doesn't really need much amp modeling if you can EQ and compress it right
Yeah I noticed that most of my stuff is guitar tones. I mean I just like a good jazzy blues bass and most the effects I got for bass don't really work great on bass.

I mostly play through headphones but I use my BX5a's mostly. Personally I think the studio monitors is enough, because most the time, I make my bass lines with my beats in maschine.

Yeah I am looking at the VOX Valtronix VT80+ for about $300. The VT40 is on sale for 220 which is like 12% off tag, but the VT80 is only $100 more out the door, so how can you beat that! I already got every amp from marshall to mesa to orange in my UX2, with an 80watt's I can use that live or just mic it if I really need.

But I read that its actually packed with a lot of Vox tones, and is half tube half hybrid, so how can I go wrong!
Don't waste your money buying a modeling amp for recording. They aren't designed for it and you honestly can get better results from Pod Farm or other Amp Sim plugins. I don't know how many times I've seen people come in here asking why their modeling amp sounds like crap when mic'd.

Though for a live amp, the VT series is nice. I had one of the first generation VT30's. Sounded great till the tube died on it.
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